On the Internet, a lot of useful information on how to protect your smart phone from loss or theft is available, but what to do if the device has already been lost? This is detailed in today’s article.

For Android : Plan B application

For this operating system have an excellent saving application – it is called Plan B, and it is absolutely free on Google Play. With this small program you can track the location of your smart phone.  What you have to do? Go to the Market via a PC and download the application remotely! Do not know how? In fact, very simple – you must be logged into your Google account, which you are attached to your smart phone.

Track Lost Android phone

If you have done this operation – you can safely press on “Install” button next to the application and the program is automatically installed on your lost or stolen Smartphone. The app itself will determine its location via base stations or GPS-receiver, and send you information on the e-mail.

Appendix Where’s my Droid

Track your Lost Android phone

The second great app called Where’s my droid. The essence of the program is as follows – in using the codeword sent to your Smartphone, it begins to scream, to vibrate and give different signals, even if it was put to silent mode.

The second useful feature of the app is the ability to learn the coordinates of the “missing” through GPS. It uses a single code word, and after detection, you can also get the phone to various signs of life.

Sorry, you need to install the settings in the application, although the program itself can be installed remotely, and if you have not lost your Smartphone, I advise you to install the software now.

Application Android Lost

Another useful program to keep track of her missing Android Smartphone, not just program, but a service. You can set remotely via Google Play in case of loss.

Then you can track your device via the website AndroidLost.com. Sign in need with the help of your account at Google, because it is necessary to further control device.

You can find the coordinates of the Smartphone via GPS, completely lock your phone, find a list of phone calls lately and manage your device using SMS-app from another phone.

Android Device Manager

In early August 2013 Google announced its own service responsible for the search for missing or stolen Android tablets and smart phones. He called, as you already understood, Android Device Manager. The service will have similar to the previous application functionality to track the location on Google Maps and works on all devices with Android 2.2 installed and up.

For Windows Phone

If your Smartphone running Windows Phone tied to Windows Live ID, even directly from your Smartphone,  you can lock and unlock in the future. Do not know exactly, but, like, and find your missing phone can be there too.

For Apple iOS devices and Mac

Unlike its predecessor, Apple is very concerned about their users, so they introduced their service Find My Device. You have to do a little bit – you enter your Apple ID and password, everything else will make the Find My Device. Link: https://www.icloud.com/#find


As for me, it’s the surest way and it suitable for both smart phones on different operating systems, as well as for conventional phones. Immediately as discover the loss, take the box and instructions from your system and look for IMEI code. Found? Then blow to the police and write a statement about the loss.

Unfortunately, this procedure takes a long time and during this time the phone can be transported to another country,reflash or disassembled into parts. So, I advise you to get friends or acquaintances in the nearest police station or a simple contract. Well, you get what I mean.

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