Email has been one of the primary modes of communication, be it for business or personal use.However, it has recently changed into a problematic mode as well – what with a huge number of emails from unknown sources. CRM tools lend you a helping hand in investigating the internet profile of the unknown sender. Rapportive has been one of the pioneers among the host of services. However, there are people who look forward to Rapportive alternatives to get their work done.

What is Rapportive?

Rapportive is an effective social CRM ( Customer Relationship Management) tool. The CRM tools let you manage customer data and interaction. Rapportive checks the profile of your contacts and presents you the profiles they have across different internet networks. The app displays results as a sidebar widget on your Gmail.

It was acquired by Linked In in 2012 and went through a thorough revamping in 2014. The revamping has changed Rapportive to a greater extent. This change has necessitated look out for Rapportive alternatives. Linked In has dropped a couple of features – Raplets and Notes being some of them. Though many users still use it, it has lost the popularity it had. That is exactly why we have set out to list out top Rapportive alternatives in this article.

Best Rapportive alternatives you can use

Rapportive has lost its functionality. However, that does not mean you have lost everything. There are alternatives to everything that is discontinued. Here we present the list of top picks for Rapportive alternatives.

1. Sidekick

Hubspot, a popular email extension provider for Gmail, Outlook, and Apple, has come up with Sidekick. Sidekick, for the uninitiated, is the tool that specializes in discovering the contact information.

Rapportive alternatives
Rapportive alternatives

The tool provides you detailed information about the contacts that have been trying to get in touch with you. It scourges their social media profiles and other network profiles to give you a perfect idea of their authenticity. The tool does not need you to install any full-fledged application. Install the Chrome extension, and you are ready to go.

You will need to create a Sidekick account. The problem is it works only with Chrome.

2. Vibe

Seeing is believing, as they say! It offers you the snapshots about the activity of your contacts. That makes it an innovative Rapportive alternative.

Best Rapportive alternatives
Best Rapportive alternatives

You just need to hover your mouse over the email address of your contact. The app provides complete information about the social profile of your contact. It also lets you get information about the organizations and topics that the person is involved with, along with their uploaded photos. Unlike Sidekick, it also has a plugin for Firefox and thus works on Chrome.

The app is more authentic and it works on a wider basis and provides much more data. It works across multiple operating systems.

3. AboutNumber for Gmail

That is yet another Google Chrome extension that works just the way Rapportive used to work in the past. If you have used Rapportive in the past, you will feel the similarity between AboutNumber and Rapportive.

Alternatives to Rapportive
Alternatives to Rapportive

It is one of the simplest Rapportive alternatives with the minimalistic design and interface. AboutNumber lets you gather information about unknown contacts including the designations, profile pictures, social media profiles and other details. The tool also consists of a Notes section at the bottom.

You will need to login to your Google account to access it. Also, it does not work outside Google Chrome.


If you want to perform a social discovery of your unknown contacts, Falcon can be a good option as a social discovery app. It works in a jiffy to find the social profiles of your contacts.
The tool has a simplistic approach. You only hover your mouse over the email address, and it launches a sidebar that contains all the details that the tool can extract. It works as one of the great Rapportive alternatives with its ability to scourge over fourteen social media sites for the information of the profiles of your contacts.

Falcon works only with Chrome. It does not need you to register or create any account.

5. Connect 6°

It is one of the options as a Rapportive alternative as it works outside your email. It works as a browser extension. The application works seamlessly across the entire web.

You can use Connect 6° to access people’s information including their social profiles, designations, and other details. The tool claims to have access to over 500 social profile. You will need to create a Connect 6° account to be able to take advantage of the features that the tool has on offer.

Connect 6° has been one of the most popular social discovery apps currently available. The application also lets you access your contacts on Linked In profile. The tool supports Google Chrome alone.


That is one of the promising Rapportive alternatives. Discover is one of the best Social media platforms that lets you access social accounts of your email contacts.

The tool needs you download it as a browser extension. It does emulate most of the features of Rapportive. is capable of reaching out to a host of networks like recent tweets and mutual friends. The tool seeks to improvise on the functionality that Rapportive had in the past. It does it by adding more information from the social profile of the contact.

7. FullContact For Gmail

The tool is yet another option of using a social media extractor that works as a Chrome extension. It is one of the most popular Rapportive alternatives and works effortlessly within Chrome.

The app – just like its name suggests – provides you full control over your Gmail accounts. You can have access to your contacts much deeper by going into their Facebook posts; Twitter feeds, and their images. And you do not need to leave your inbox.

The software has many of the Rapportive features that it used to have, like Notes. The application helps you gain access to every detail about the company including the size and location.

8. Rapporto

The plugin almost resembles Rapportive in almost all respects. That would make it one of the able Rapportvie alternatives.

It has been considered to be one of the fastest applications when it comes to the functionality of Rapporto. It even resembles the interface of Rapportive. However, the application is still under development, and as such, there is no specific roadmap to the further development.

9. Ark

Ark, just like most of the other social discovery tools explained in this article, is a browser extension. It is one of the finest Rapportive alternatives with some great features sets.

Rapportive Alternatives
Rapportive Alternatives

Ark supports other email accounts apart from Gmail. Some of the email accounts supported by the software include Yahoo, Hotmail, and AOL. The interface has a close resemblance to the UI on Rapportive. You can use it on Firefox as well, in addition to Google Chrome.

10. is one of the most powerful social media discovery tools. It works on the similar lines as Rapportive used to do in the past.

Alternatives to Rapportive
Alternatives to Rapportive does not offer you a sleek interface, but offers a robust performance. It does not only concentrate on your email account but can work with several other social media networks as well. You can work with a host of social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and other services.

The tool is available as a browser extension for Chrome.


That concludes our top ten list of Rapportive alternatives. If you have used any of them, do share your experiences with us. If you think we have any important tool, you may feel free to let us know what we missed. We look forward to your comments.

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