Websites are so important that web hosts are now an essential part of running a business, but why? Why do so many people decide to go with a web host instead of hosting their site themselves? After all, it is not rocket science. True, with the right knowledge hosting a website is easier, plus it is also cheaper. But, it is pointless if you want your site, and your business, to succeed. Do you think that is an over exaggeration? Below are the reasons that statement is bang on the money.


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No Upkeep

Okay, running a server is not the most difficult process in the world, but it is also not the easiest either. If you have no experience, it is just not worth the effort to learn everything you need to learn to make hosting a site a success. Plus, there is the cost of the equipment to add to the cost of your time. When you add it all together, it is a lot less stressful and a lot less expensive to hire a good quality web host.

Cost Effective

Any additional cost seems like a lot of money. However, when it comes to web hosting the cost is very minimal. In fact, when you compare the cost to the importance of a well-run and maintained site, the cost is incredibly affordable. LCN’s web hosting fees, for example, are as low as £2.50 a month and some other companies even offer custom prices depending on your needs. For all the benefits, £30 a year is a steal and shouldn’t be missed.


The people that you hire to take care of your web hosting needs should have experience. Experience counts for a lot when it comes to hosting a site because it makes life predictable. Okay, predictability isn’t always the best trait in life, but in business it is essential. So many things can go wrong with your website that you need a person that can respond to problems and fix them in a moment’s notice. Otherwise, your site could go down for an unspecified amount of time and you could potentially lose a lot of revenue.

Better Rankings

Websites are all about the rankings. The higher you are in the rankings, the more people will notice you and visit your site. Before you know it, your site will start to market your brand better than any other piece of advertising kit. And, then, the money will start to flow. Plus, external advertisers will want to use the traffic for their gain, and they will pay you handsomely for the privilege. Web hosts with a great reputation use their ‘signature’ to boost your site’s ranking right off the bat. Because search engines like Google know they provide quality, they rank them and their associates very highly.

Focus On The Business

Frankly, web hosts take the pressure off your shoulders so that you can concentrate on running the business. Instead of micromanaging every aspect of the company, you can delegate power and concentrate on the areas that matter the most.

Websites are that important in 2016, so treat them with the respect they deserve.

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