Top 15 Best Action Games for Android [Must See List]

There are thousands of games available on Google Play Store and other app stores. However, action games have been one of the most popular genres of games you can find on any app store.  In fact, the genre has thousands of choices for you. Unlike other genres, the Action Games genre has a wider range that includes shooting games, racing games, and fighting games among others.

List of Best action games for Android for 2017

There is no shortage of best action Games for Android. However, finding the cream among them can be a daunting task. That is precisely why we have set out to list out a few excellent action games for your Android.
1. Grand Theft Auto
Best Action Games
GTA or Grand Theft Auto has been the most loved franchise on PC and gaming console. If you have loved the game on your gaming console, why not extend the experience to your Android?
Grand Theft Auto is one of the most popular among the Android action games. All the GTA titles have been ported to Android. You will get the same level of amazing graphics and excellent controls as on a console. You can get all of them on your Play Store, but do understand that the games consume a lot of storage. Getting an SD card is what we would advise.
2. Critical Ops
critical ops
The game comes under the genre of first-person shooting games. You can either play as a counter-terrorism unit or as a terrorist yourself.
It may not be the best social game you can find for you, but the gameplay is quite simple and more of a skill-based game. It is a free game with in-app purchases. It should be your great choice for the best Android action games. It is one of the best online multiplayer games you can opt for.
3. Clash Royale
clash royale
Nothing can beat Clash Royale when it comes to battle games on Android. It can be treated as the downright real-time clash game that lets you play with strategy.
One of the highest grossing mobile games in 2016, Clash Royale has regular updates – almost every month. You get features, troops and what not. In fact, it keeps updating the strategies as well. That keeps you evolving as a gamer.
4. Voez
voez action games
The spectrum of action games has now included Rhythm games as well. The game offers you a good deal of songs that you can play.
The game works with an in-app purchase model. Apart from the songs available within the game, you can get additional ones. While some of them are free, while the others need money. It comes with a great graphics. You can be ensured of great gameplay.
While you may not find good rhythm games, this one is quite engaging and addictive.
5. Sonic 4
sonic 4
SEGA has been the all-time time favorite of all the gaming lovers. Sonic from SEGA is one of the most popular games on PC.
Nostalgia is one of the factors associated with the success of the game. Sonic does not need any introduction and that is indeed one of the features that makes it an option to reckon with. If you are looking for best action games for Android, Sonic offers you best multiplayer ability and no in-app purchases.
6. Riptide GP
riptide GP
Yet another racing game worth the attention, Riptide GP is one more gem among the Android action games. A racing game with a difference, it lets you race with jet skis instead of cars.
The competition goes stronger and harder as you proceed in the game. There is also a multiplayer game option that lets you race with the real people online. The best part is it has no in-app purchases. The game also offers you a local multiplayer option.
7. Badland
badland 2
Badland has a new version in the form of Badland 2.The gameplay is simple, but it is not that easy to play the game. We hope we are clear with that statement.
If you are expecting awesome graphics, you may get disappointed. However, Badland 2 does come with good replay value. The game comes with ads, but yes – you can remove them with an in-app purchase.
8. Pixel Gun 3D
pixel gun 3d
Here is one more first-person shooter game that finds itself on our list of best action games. The game comes with some interesting graphics along with a good deal of customization options.
If you are someone who likes faster gameplay, you will fall in love with this game. However, if you want extra weapons – you will need to opt for in-app purchases. It has over 3 million reviews on Google Play Store and that should be a proof of its performance.
9. SkyForce Reloaded
skyforce reloaded
The next in our list of top end Android action games is another shooter game. But, this time you shoot with the aircraft.
You can use the in-app purchases to upgrade your arsenal. The upgrades include aircraft and cards. SkyForce Reloaded offers you colorful graphics. The soundtrack is impressive enough. It helps you kill time effortlessly. Give it a try if action games interest you.
10.Autumn Dynasty
autumn dynasty
Real-time strategy game set in China, the combat game works across multiple terrains. The game can be played in two modes of skirmish and single player mode.
The game expects you to construct a building and defend it against the attacks. One of the best features that would make it one of the best games is that it offers you multiple input options. You can either choose the gestures or standard input functions to play the game.
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11. Alto’s Adventure
altos adventure
Initially made available for iOS, Alto’s Adventure entered Android arena later on. It is one of the best games for both casual and addictive at the same time.
It is a simple runner game wherein you just need to ski down. Take care to avoid the obstacles like giant chasms. The graphics are quite interesting. They appear to take a cue from the material design concept. It may not be something that would make a high-end action game, but still, you will love it for its endless running feat.
12. Asphalt Extreme
asphalt extreme
We have one more racing game that should make your search for best action games fulfilling. Coming from Gameloft in its Asphalt range, it can be one of the best in its genre.
The racing game has over 35 special cars and 500 challenges. It also lets you play an online multiplayer mode wherein you can play with up to 8 online competitors. It is one of the freemium games that would suit both genres of the people depending on whether they are ready to pay.
13. Geometry Wars
geometry wars
Next up is an arcade game that revolves around a fantasy world. It involves you traveling in a 3D map area destroying the obstacles.
The game has enough game modes you can choose. The game has over 100 levels to play. It offers you 15 grids and 12 game modes to choose from. Geometry Wars also has a hardcore mode wherein you need to play without any companions to support you.
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14. Unkilled
This is yet another game that comes under the shooter games genre. Developed by Madfinger games, the game is a tribute to Dead Trigger series.
You get to kill hundred os zombies with this game. It has everything to let you stay engaged – over 150 missions, hundreds of weapons and upgrades and two multiplayer modes are some of them. Graphics are awesome, so is gameplay.
15. Modern Kombat 5
modern combat 5
Last, but not least – MC5 is yet another best game for you. It is one of the oldest games and continues to be the best even today.
The first person shooter game offers you the high-end quality of graphics.  It boasts of over 2 million reviews on Google Play Store. The game is not new for the action game lovers. It has a single player and multiplayer modes as well.  Download it and you will not regret it.

The Parting Thoughts for these Best Action Games

That concludes our top 15 list of best action games for Android. We assume we have met all your requirements through the android action games featured in this compilation. If you have played any of the games herein, share your experiences with us. If you think we have missed any game that should have been here, do let us know. Your feedback is our strength.