If you are an Android smartphone user, then you might know about the numerous Android launchers which help in customizing the home screen of our smartphone. And one of those Android launchers is the Go Launcher. There might be some reason for changing or customizing the home screen of an Android smartphone, but the question is which one is the best to pick.

Top 8 Best Go Launcher Themes


Go Launcher is one of the widely used and downloaded Android launchers in Google Play Store and is even continuously getting bigger and bigger with more themes coming into it. But which theme is best to pick which is both aesthetic and best in functionality? So, here we have the list of top 8 best Go Launcher themes which are best to use.

Color Box Live Go Launcher EX Theme

It is one of the best Go Launcher themes which take your android phone from its original UI to more towards the UI of Windows phones. This theme has live tiles just like in Windows UI and that makes it all the more fun to use it. Moreover, the theme is very stable where other Windows themes lack. You can change the wallpaper, live tiles, you can even rearrange the tiles and resize them as per your need. It works really nice on every android device.


This theme is a really nice option for downloading to your Android device because it is one of the most minimalistic and useful themes available. What we actually mean by saying minimalistic is that this theme won’t going to use the entire RAM and won’t make your android phone slow in performance. If you really want to keep your Android device home screen clutter-free and clean, then go for this theme.


This is a very beautiful and elegant theme with square icons having rounded edges. It offers nice wallpapers which give your phone a vibrant vibe; every time you unlock your phone you’ll feel nice to see those vibrant colors. New app drawer, icons, and other features will make you fall in love with it.


This theme looks very close to MIUI which is a solid option for a good theme. It has got a nice design and you’ll enjoy using it. This theme is glorious and using it always more fun.


Labyrinth is again a minimalistic theme but it has a nice design which is good as this theme speaks the same design language everywhere. It is a really good option and doesn’t affect the performance of the device.


Elegant is a beautiful theme with very elegant design. The wallpapers, icons, app drawer, all this looks very nice and beautiful. Anyone will fall in love with this theme.

Initial Beauty

This theme is perfect for those who want a clean interface. Nice icons and faded wallpaper make it a very good looking and a minimalist theme. It’s colorful and fast.


It is one of the most loved Go Launcher themes. It has got nice icons, cool wallpaper. This theme has got an amazing design. From the first instance itself, you will fall in love with this theme. It offers some customized widgets which look great.

If you are looking for something organized or clean, then these Go Launcher themes would work the best for you.  Some of these themes are paid while some are free.

Which one is your favorite theme and why?

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