Top 5 Bluetooth Headsets 2013

As they say, one should not use phone to take calls while driving. But this is also a fact that in the modern era everyone is so busy that due to time constraints, they have to take important calls. For this, Bluetooth Headset is a useful device/gadget which helps you for not only attending your important calls, but also helps you to stream music. Game lovers love this device for high speed games. When we talk about buying such gadget, one may get confused as there are so many in the market. The present list for top 5 Bluetooth Headset of 2013 will help you to decide your choice.


1)      Plantronics Voyager Legend Bluetooth Headset:

Due to its awesome built up and the quality, it is one of the smartest featured Bluetooth Headset in the market. It is wireless, having 3.0 Bluetooth version and smart sensor technology, built in triple microphone, lock call button and smart call routing. It also has a lithium ion polymer battery which is low weight and will help you when you are talking on phone for 6-7 hours. Its market price is $94.48.


2)      Sony SBH20 Bluetooth Headset:

It is a great innovation by Sony. In terms of sound quality, it is the best Bluetooth because of its great sound quality. It also works with Apple and Beats Headset. Due to its sleek design, it is loved by so many people. It is wireless, have built in microphone, 9.2mm driver units, dynamic and bass sound, 3.0 Bluetooth version, micro USB Charger Connector, and a 110 mAh battery with which you can talk upto 6 hours, the battery weighs 12.6 grams and it also has USB connectivity. Its market price is $44.97.


3)      Jawbone ICON HD:

It is world’s best selling Bluetooth headset with exciting noise cancellation and the wind reduction technology. It is all time favorite for everyone as it gives a crystal clear sound clarity. Its HD audio is so good that you will be mesmerized by it. The features include the built in microphone, wireless technology, apps with the help of MYTALK, it serves as Android companion, it connects to multiple devices, and it’s built in rechargeable Li-ion polymer battery weighing 8 grams with micro USB connector which will give you 4.5 hours talk time. Its market price is $99.99.


4)      Nokia BH-505:

This is a Bluetooth Headset by Nokia. Due to its light weight and the stylish design, it is a catchy and gives you a great comfort. It looks like a headphone as the user wears it around their neck. It has a built in mono microphone, it is wireless, having the advanced digital signal processing, it gives high audio quality even in wind or in noisy conditions, it is reliable as well as durable, it is light weight, has easy keys for call and music, a Bluetooth 2.1 version, and its battery offers a 10 hours talk time, it has also got a Nokia 2mm battery connector weighing 36 grams. Its market price is $58.13.

5)      Jabra Extreme-2:

It gives noise blackout and has an elegant design. Its charging is fast and it is very compact in size which makes it easy to carry without any inconvenience. It has a decent inbuilt structure and comfortable if one wears it for longer period of time. It is wireless, it supports USB, it helps in reducing the ambience noise, it has enabled microphone, Bluetooth 3.0 version, HD voice technology and its battery weighing 10 grams gives a talk time  of 9 hours. Its market price is $75.58.

We think that this information about the top Bluetooth Headsets in 2013 will make your choices more specific and will help you to select the best Bluetooth headset for yourself. Your suggestions and comments are important. :

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