We are in the mobile age, and it seems everything in life needs our attention. There is too much to do and too little time to attend to everything. To add to this challenge, children armed with their mobile phones is making life more challenging for parents. With Android spyware apps for monitoring kids’ safety, parental control can help get a grip of their kids. As access to adult content and texting strangers is putting kids in harm’s way, parents must consider using these cell phone gadgets to keep their kids safe.

Here are five top apps that help parents keep an eye on the activities of their kids via cell phones:


The first in line, and definitely worth it! XNSPY is a complete parental control package, which offers many more features than the next two Android spyware apps in our list. It is for targeting both iOS and Android devices.

Once installed on the target devices, users can access various monitoring features from the control panel. It offers access to SMS messages, iMessage, list of installed apps, browser history and bookmarks, access to internet messenger chats, and much more. You can also listen to recorded call, view all photos and videos on the device (including the ones received via internet messenger chats). You can also use the app to listen to conversations happening in the surrounding of the cell phone, to know what your kid talks about with friends, in your absence.

It also has the remarkable location-tracking feature (GPS tracking) which comes with the Geo-fencing tool. This feature allows parents to watch-list places, so that whenever their child enters or leaves those places, the app alerts them. It also allows you to watchlist contacts so that whenever the child communicates with them, you receive an alert. Similarly, it comes with the watch-list words features, which allows you to monitor use of profanity or discussing forbidden things with people via their cell phones.

The app shows timestamps of all online activities you want to monitor, including browser history, so that you can know if your child was up while he or she should’ve been asleep. This app is number one on the list because it offers so much at only $8.33 per month for basic users, and $12.49 per month for premium users.

Norton Family Premier

This app works on both iOS and Android devices. It offers all the necessary features you need to monitor you child’s social life. It monitors all SMS messages and it supports web filtering, app monitoring, and location tracking. You can use this app to educate your kids about using their iOS Android cell phones responsibly. The web-filtering tool protects the kids from visiting adult content websites and other harmful websites. However, users of this app cannot expect blocking specific contacts from calling or texting their child. It is available at about $89.


This app is the third best in line and offers almost everything parents can need to keep their kids safe. It is available at half the price of Norton Family Premier, meaning users of this app can save up to 40%, because this app is available at $49.95. Moreover, it allows parents to monitor up to three Android devices that the kid may use. However, it only works on Android devices. It also allows you to set time limits and get notifications when your child uses the cell phone after those limits. It also keeps a log of places your child goes to, which you can see from the admin panel.

My Mobile Watchdog

This app offers much less features than Phonesheriff does, and has a price of $45 per annum. It does a good job of text monitoring and app monitoring. You can temporarily block apps if your child is spending too much time on it. It can also inform you if your child receives text messages from unauthorized contacts, so you can block them. However, most people find it disappointing because it lacks GPS tracking and Geo-fencing.


Conclusively, using iOS and Android spyware apps is very important for modern parents. Parental control is necessary because we live in a world where online activity is part of our lives. We cannot teach our children to be responsible adults when they grow up, unless we set good examples and set rules for them to follow right now.

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