Internet and World Wide Web is a big universe in which millions of web pages are filled with tons of information on many issues. But the only problem is that all of these web pages or the name with some mysterious name, or hosted on a server-coded paths.

What makes the use of the Internet and search for easy even for a beginner it is easy to access and use the search engines. online tools that can be used to find specific information on the sites on the Internet.

 Top 10 Tips to Improve The Ranking of Blog
10 Tips to Improve the Ranking of Blog

Whenever a person is looking for some information on the Internet, they usually go to any popular or favorite search engine. They are part of a query into a search engine and check the results or links are displayed. People generally tend to click results or links displayed at the top. He realized that these connections are more accurate and closer to the original request.

Therefore, to be among the best links displayed search engine is very important for any website to be visible. If you offer a service on your site, being one of the main links is crucial to your business success because it helps to create Internet traffic for your site.

Search engines are one of the cheapest internet marketing tools. But the important question is to find out why some websites rank better than others in the search results engine query.

This is due to the powerful technology and internet marketing tool called “Search Engine Optimization”, known as SEO. SEO is a method by which search engines can find and prioritize the rank your site higher than the thousands and millions of other people, in response to a specific request. SEO helps in creating web traffic to your site with appropriate search engines.

Before we understand these techniques, it is important to have an overview of the methodology used in the various search engines to find and evaluate sites on the Internet. Search engines use software known as the crawler or spider that jumps from one level to another with a certain web pages and indexes all his discoveries of its kind. For indexing, searching identifies certain key words and phrases (also known as search strings) which best describes the specific web pages. It assigns these search strings for certain keywords in its database. These codes are stored in huge databases and activity scanning and indexing on a continuous process.

When a specific request comes to the search engine, it compares the query expression on his pages indexed in its database. So there can be millions of Web pages that contain the query expression, so the search engine use algorithms to calculate the relevance (rank) of each indexed web -Pages and displays them accordingly.

Now, if you want to improve your site’s ranking, you need to be in harmony with the methodology of search engines when ranking web pages. Based on the same, I write down the top 10 tricks that can be used to improve the ranking of your website.

Here is a Top 10 Tips to Improve Ranking of Your Blog.

1. Right Keywords:

You need to come up with words that describe your site. It is better if the keyword is 2 or 3 letters of the word, ie, string of words. They should be available in the content of your site and especially in the first web page. Search by keyword purpose engines index sites.

2. The corresponding density of keywords:

In addition, you should also have the right keyword density. That is, a web page should have the right combination of keywords spread to other content. Web pages with good density is more likely to be determined by the search engine than with fine keyword density words.

3. The quality of communication ago:

Back links are those links that come from other sites to your site. The more the number of back links your site has, the greater the popularity of his team. You have to work on it and also keep in mind the quality of back links. A good way is to register with the popular web directories like DMOZ and Yahoo.

4. Use descriptive meta tags:

In developing WordPress-driven and HTML-based web sites on each page there is a space between the head tags to insert information about the content of this page. Meta tags are mainly used search engine spiders. They summarize information about the page. Writing meta tags keyword is another way provide a description of your site and the direction of the search engines to the main theme and relevance of your site.

5. Title Meta Data:

It is responsible for the name of your page and displayed at the top of your browser window. It is extremely important and should be related to the relevant content of the page. The same should change as the content of your page changes.

6. Using a text longer than the image:

Search engines have a problem that site administrators do not. It’s the search engines can not index images, sounds, flash movies or JavaScript. It is important that the preservation of end users in your mind, but we must be innovative with them. You can add ‘text descriptors “or text labels to images and videos on your site. Also avoid using them as references, search engines will not register them.

7. Use Sitemap:

There’s a lot to consider here, but the goal is to create a site that search engine spiders can easily access and crawl a site that tells them where to go and what to index. Site-maps are vital for this purpose.

8. Frequently updated content:

It is important that you regularly update the content of your site. Not only customers, pay attention, but so that the search engines by relevance they allocate a certain location.

9. Social Media:

 Social bookmarking can be expressed as one of the best methods of drawing traffic to your site. Every blogger in the blogosphere should incorporate that into your plan to get your website or blog noticed. Social bookmarking sites like StumbleUpon, Digg, Delicious, Pinterest and more help blog to rank higher in search results, providing them with quality back links. These sites, as well as social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. very helpful in driving traffic to a blog concerned.

10. Avoid the following:

In addition, you need to do to improve the ranking of your website, there are also some important restrictions that you should keep in mind. This can result in getting your site is blocked or banned by the search engines. I’m writing it for reference:


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