Lots of people say that it is an art to click a perfect selfie and if you are really not familiar with those stylish poses, one of those is a duck face, POUT, which usually posed by the girls of today, even some boys do as well, you might not be able to click good selfies which can make you proud of. People think that selfies are a new trend in the photography field, but actually, it entered into the trend when cameras became popular. But, now, the trend of selfies is making a huge popularity among the smartphone users and people are like start taking selfies anywhere, everywhere they want to. With the outburst for selfies, the demand for decent photo editing apps is also increasing which can be used just for editing the selfies. So, we have listed the top 10 selfie editing apps for Android in this article.

Top 10 Selfie Editing Apps for Android



B612 is one of the best selfie editing apps as it has got a sleek design with straightforward and easy to use functions. It provides beautiful filters and the overall working of this app is very fast. So, this app helps you in editing your selfie with fast UI, which is something really worth a try.

PIP Camera

PIP Camera app features amazing filters which are worth trying while you click a selfie. The app provides you many filters which are just amazing to use and you can edit the pic the way you want to.

YouCam Perfect – Selfie Cam

The YouCam Perfect – Selfie Cam app is one of the most recommended selfie android apps. This app provides a lot of filters and editing tools which always come in handy. Moreover, the app also provides a lot of effects which make your pictures even more likable.

Top 10 Selfie Editing Apps for Android

Candy Camera

Candy Camera is one of those apps which took the Google play by storm when it first arrived. It’s straight forward design, filters, and editing makes it one of the most loved selfie editing apps.


When it comes to editing apps, Retrica is not behind any of the other photo editing apps. It comes with more than 100 filters and many editing tools which make your selfies even better. This app is certainly one of the best selfie android apps.

RetroSelfie – Selfies Editor

If you are a lover of retro style and want to click your selfies in a retro style then RetroSelfie app is just for you. This app provides many filters which give retro looks to your selfie and some editing tools as well.

PhotoEditor – Selfie App

The PhotoEditor – Selfie App features the best filters and editing tools. You even get a lot of stickers which make your selfies a way better. You’ll enjoy the amount of freedom this app provides you in editing your selfies.

Top 10 Selfie Editing Apps for Android

Silent Selfie Camera

Other than just some editing tools and filter, the Silent Selfie Camera app gives you immense control over the camera functions. You’ll love to that how much better photos you can take with correcting all the camera functions.


Perfect365 is perfect if you want to edit your face in a selfie very carefully. Being a selfie editing app, this provides you a lot of editing tools especially for your face editing which is always nice.


The Bestie app is made for fast editing of your selfies with most used selfie filter and editing tools. The interface of this app is fast to make it one of the top selfie editing apps.

Choose the best selfie editing app for your android and share your experience.

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