Top 10 Android Launchers

Do you know that android launchers are just the simple way to customize your experience with a smartphone or tablet? Though there are numerous superficial stuff available out there which including the changing fonts, screen transitions, icons and much more, we do have tons of best android launchers too which helps in tweaking the behavior of the device particularly suiting its daily usage. Today, I will be sharing top 10 Android Launchers with you all. Do you know that with these launchers you can easily customize the home screens of your device according to your wishes? Yes, you can customize everything which your device’s manufacturer gives you by default just by installing a single standalone app.

Top 10 Android Launchers

Action Launcher ($4.99)

Action Launcher

It is the best android launcher which is a perfect combo of an app drawer with home screen which is customizable. It mixes up everything as well as changes the overall look of the device’s interface featuring a slide-in drawer.

Google Now Launcher (Free)

Google Now Launcher

It is a perfect pick for those who prefer giving their smartphone a clean and pure Android experience. It is an offering by Google featuring quick and clean transitions. It perfectly executes all OK GOOGLE commands. It is the best choice for those who are looking for highly stable as well as consistent Android experience.

Nova Launcher (4.99$-Pro, Free)

Nova Launcher

It is the one of the most popular android launchers in the market featuring numerous options for folder views, animations and desktop behaviors. After buying it, you will be simply able to customize it entirely including the text color, corner radius, background and border. Google Play Store does provide you with Nova-compatible themes which help in changing the entire Android experience.

Aviate Launcher (Free)

Aviate Launcher

It helps in building the apps collection based on multiple activities. It suggests in filling your app collection though they can be tweaked manually as well. Among all these top 10 android launchers, Aviate is the unique one as it requires the least maintenance.

GO Launcher Ex (5.99$-Pro, Free)

GO Launcher Ex

It is one of the most impressive android launchers among these top 10 android launchers as its menu’s settings even manages to stay trashy along with strong functionality.

Apex Launcher (4.49$-Pro, Free)

Apex Launcher

Those who want to fully enjoy their android experience can go with Apex launcher as it offers same features as that in Nova Launcher. You can easily customize everything including the gesture commands, animations, screen behaviors and much more. Overall, this launcher extremely works well.

Solo Launcher (Free)

Solo Launcher

It is the most clean and easy to use android launcher which delivers smooth performance and features some beautiful animations with neat gestures.

Buzz Launcher (Free)

Buzz Launcher

It is among the top 10 android launchers because it does offer its users with inventive as well as unique themes which completely make the android experience beautiful. It is the best choice for those who want to give their android a radical look without investing much of their time in customizing.

Dodol Launcher (Free)

dodol Launcher

This android launcher features free themes as well as keeps the interface clean, simple with right themes. It is an effective as well as lightweight launcher which really doesn’t destroy the battery life of your android.

Smart Launcher (4.49$-Pro, Free)

Smart Launcher

It is one of those android launchers which offer the users their apps categorized with vertical cascades rather than in neat boxes. This launcher directly links itself with the app manager.

Quite a few android launchers to mention for your consideration include Next Launcher, APUS Launcher, Hola Launcher, Themer, EverythingMe Launcher, Z Launcher and Smart Launcher 2. Google Play features numerous android launchers but these are the best and top 10 android launchers which are easily available. I would like you to know about your favorite android launcher and why it is being so. Moreover, how you have customized your favorite android launcher.


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