There are literally millions of bloggers on the internet. Knowing what separates the amateurs from the pros is your first step into venturing onto this platform. Here are 8 things, in no particular order, that you need to know that no one will tell you.

Important Things you Should know Before Starting a Blog


1. Writing is Key

I know what most of you are thinking. “Duh.” Not only do you need to be good at writing; you need to enjoy it. This is not like writing a midterm paper or a report for your boss. You need to have fun writing it so viewers will have fun reading it. Or they won’t come back.

Before Starting a Blog

2. Tactful Self-Promotion is OK

Promoting your own product may seen silly, but you’ve got to start somewhere. Your first viewers will likely be your family and friends. To push past that, you need to tell people about your blog. Don’t brag. Don’t lie. Don’t irritate. Just let people know you’re there and welcome them.

3. Technology is your Friend

There is no beating around the bush with this. You need to be on FaceBook. You need to master Twitter. You need to make friends on the internet. Learn these social media networks and use them to your full advantage.

4. Don’t Expect Anything

Some people set up food blogs hoping that restaurants will give them free food to review on their site. Or they want to be paid the first time they sit down to write a post. This isn’t going to happen. You need to approach the blog as a form of entertainment, not a cash cow.

5. Research Everything

Take the time to pick out a domain name and a tag line. Examine the intricate difference between blogging platforms. Decide how much privacy you want over the internet. These are often afterthoughts for many bloggers, and they come to regret it when they are established.

6. Routines are Necessary

This piece of advice is two-fold. First, if you have a daily routine that keeps you working on your blog and creating new content, you will be more productive. Second, your readers will be able to depend on you. This does not mean you need a new post every day, but it does mean that consistency will be noticed and appreciated.

7. Understand Search Engine Optimization

You will likely have a target audience in mind. You need to figure out which phrases and words can be searched in an engine to get your audience to your blog. It may take some time to get the hang of the techniques, but it is worth the effort to drive more traffic to your site.

8. Find Your Niche

While you may have a good idea for content, you will need to find your voice to fit into that subject. People have blogs about every topic under the sun. What makes them successful is the energy the blogger puts behind it through the passion they have in the topic.

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