If you want a career move, but you want something challenging, there are lots of options out there. But here are the careers that are most challenging of all.


There is surely no career more noble than saving people’s lives, and this is what doctors are responsible for doing. They are not the only people involved in the caregiving process though. Nurses and other medical professionals are just as important though. But, it’s still the case that the bulk of the pressure and responsibility lies with the doctor who is tasked with leading the medical team. Many parents want their children to be doctors when they grow up. And that’s because the career is so respected and well-paid. But it’s also very challenging.


Travelling by air has become so commonplace that we often take it for granted now. But there is still a huge danger associated with flying a plane, and there is immense pressure on the shoulders of the pilot. He or she has to keep control of the plane and make sure it gets safely to its destination. It’s not something that it learnt overnight; there’s a lot of training and learning that has to be done. And when they finally get to fly for a living, they have to go through the pre-flight procedure before every flight. This means cleaning the cabin with Alglas aviation products and doing the right checks and balances.


There’s nothing particularly difficult about being a photographer. But photojournalists take that craft a step further. They go to where the world’s biggest news stories and events are taking place, and they take photos. It’s their job to the get the photos that get printed in newspapers and used online. If they get a good photo, it can be seen by millions of people around the world. But the job can be incredibly dangerous if their work takes them to a war zone or an area where there is conflict.


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Not many people really think about what goes into being an engineer. But it is actually very complex and challenging. It uses a combination of maths and physics and then uses this knowledge to create things in the real world. It’s about combining the conceptual and the theoretical with the existing world. Many engineers work on building infrastructure like highways, dams and bridges. These are the kind of things that we all use and mostly take for granted.


To be a judge is to do one of the most highly respected jobs in the entire world. And there’s a reason why they are so respected. The job often means make a decision that can make a huge difference to the entire life of a person. They have to send people to prison, and in some parts of the world, they have to send people to their deaths. It’s certainly not an easy thing to do, and many people simply can’t handle the pressure associated with the job. It’s something that takes lots of legal experience.

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