Time management is one of the most important rules for a successful person whether it is a personal life or the professional one. Everything demands the best possible time management strategy and the use of best time management techniques. When you search for criteria for getting success in any field, you will find that the time management comes first.


Time is always limited and effective time management means to get the most out of the available time by properly applying the best techniques and efficient methods. Let us have a look on some of the best time management tips which will surely help to manage your time most effectively.

Scheduling is one of the best time management techniques

Scheduling is certainly one of the most important time management techniques. Get your all stuff in one place and let everything else come and fit around it. Finishing the most important and big stuffs first is beneficial for you and if you look back on the work you have done in the last week, you will be proud to finish all the big stuffs you have done in the week. Always plan in the beginning of every week about the big stuffs you and write out all the big tasks you need to finish first in the week.

Perform the worst task first

If you can accumulate your all strength to perform the worst tasks first towards which you feel the most resistance, you will feel relaxed after doing them. The rest of the day and the week will be a breezy ride downhill. In the beginning of the day and the week you are more fresh and ready to do the harder tasks. So, finishing the high resistance tasks will be possible with a fresh mind and later you will be relaxed and can perform other jobs. This technique of time management is also one of the most important time management techniques.

Do not over commit yourself

Another best one in the pool of effective time management techniques is to avoid doing too much and over committing yourself. Time management struggles happen often when we are simply trying to do too much. If you have far more work than you can accommodate in a single day, you need a radical solution to your problem. One is delegating the portion of your work to others or talking to your senior manager about the work overload.

Similarly you need to manage your personal life work too and if you take a number of commitments in your personal life you will not be able to devout enough time to each of them, for example- studying for a qualification, learning a music instrument, bringing up kids, joining a charity group and more.

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