Being a timeshares salesperson is different from selling any other product or service. There are many who don’t fully understand how a timeshare works or how they can benefit from it. Even worse, the industry has been marked by those who take the opportunity to scam others due to its nature. Selling timeshares requires a lot of work, but the benefits can be immense when you do it right. To help you sell more and sell better, we’ve put together these tips that will bring you new customers and teach you how to close the deal.


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Dominate your space online

Whether you’re a business owner or an employee, you should work to ensure that you have a great online presence. Whether through LinkedIn or other social media programs, you can reach a whole new audience with the right online strategy. Having a website gives you a great platform for showing what you’re offering in detail. Photos and videos can sell to those who might not be willing to buy based on a pitch. Make sure your individual shares pages are fit for Search Engine Optimisation. This will have them shoot up to the top of search engines like Google when someone types a destination. Take the time to focus on online and you’ll find your business has the potential to boom at any moment.

Get yourself some sales leads

As a salesperson, you need to get yourself out there and start making new contacts. If you’re having difficulties coming up with sales leads, however, that can seem very difficult indeed. However, there are immediate ways to boost your potential client base. There are services that offer timeshare owner leads. Thousands and thousands are available, so you don’t ever need to feel like you’re stuck without customers.

Time your sales well

One way to make sure you’re selling better is to pay attention to the seasons in which you’re trying to sell the shares. That’s not to say that you can’t sell shares for locations that are in the off-season. However, you’ll find that immediate availability is what will catch a customer’s eye. Let them know not only which shares are in-season but the benefits of visiting certain locations in their off-season. The right knowledge can turn what could be a deal-breaker into a selling point.

Know how to pitch

As a salesperson, you absolutely need to know how to organise your pitch. It’s not an easy prospect, but just remember this key. Pitches should not be one-way communication. Eke out information from your potential customer and use it. Fit your pitch to meet the wants of each customer you meet. Never be afraid to stray from the script. That’s when you get to the real meat you can use to persuade a person.

Get trained

You need to know what you’re talking about. A know-how when it comes to selling is a great tool to equip any salesperson with. However, as we’ve said, selling timeshares is different. If you haven’t, already, you should look into getting specialist training so you’re never left stumped for an answer again.

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