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Bloggers are the species who hate traffic in real life but love the same when they write something new for their readers. Traffic and genuine readership is the soul for any blog, Every blogger expect that all his post get maximum exposure and traffic from all around the globe. Some bloggers succeed in achieving high level of genuine readership while other fails miserably. Every blogger needs genuine readership for his

blog so that he can generate a good amount of page views each day. One of the way to get good readership is social networking sites. Users of social networking sites are hungry for good and worth to read blogs. If we add a social subscription box on our blog then we can get a good number of audience out from the leading social networks, these kind of audience is genuine and will help you to turn your blog in to a brand.

What is social subscription box?

Social subscription box is a Gadget that contains link to your blog’s all leading social networks accounts as well as feeds subscription, with the help of this social subscription box you can get a good amount of returning visitors to your blog.

Stylish Social Subscription Box for Blogger:

Everyone knows that blogger doesn’t provides designing facility like word press. But today we are sharing a stylish social subscription box for Blogger like wordpress, which change dynamically on mouse hover. I am also using this social subscription box with my blog, You can check my sidebar for preview.

To add this social subscription box for Blogger to your blogspot blog just follow these steps:

1) Login to your blogger’s blog.

2) Go to “layout” and then click on “add a gadget” on sidebar.

3) Select html/javaScript as a type of gadget.

4) In title type “Follow us” and in content, copy and paste the following.


Subscribe via Email



5) Once done, Replace red colored trickmode social networking account url’s with your social networking account urls.

6) Click on save gadget and you’re done.

Now preview your blog and you’ll see a stylish floating subscription box in the sidebar.

Have any questions in mind, drop them in comment box below.

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