In the few minutes it will take you to read this article, you will probably receive an email, a Facebook notification on your latest post, and a colleague will drop by your desk to ask you whether you’ve seen the funny cat video he has sent you.


While you can use different apps to block online distractions, you can’t shush your coworkers every time they have a question or start a discussion about the last night’s game. Or, you could, but you’ll then be known as the office’s Grinch, and you probably don’t want that.

Thankfully, there’s a solution to your situation.

Enter noise canceling headphones.

In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about how to find the right noise canceling headphones for your needs.

Noise Canceling vs. Noise Isolating Headphones

If you’re shopping for headphones that can help you minimize outside noise, then you need to understand first the difference between noise canceling and noise isolating gadgets.

Noise isolating headphones, also known as passive noise cancellation, block out noise by creating a seal between your ears and the outside world. The problem with this type of headphones is that they isolate you from your environment and mute surrounding noise, which can become dangerous in certain situations.

Instead of isolating you from your environment, noise canceling headlines cancel out sound waves from your surroundings. This innovative gadget uses a microphone and audio processor to listen to the ambient noise and cancel it by playing the opposite sound.


Decide What Style You Would Like

Now, that’s you’ve learned about the difference between noise isolating and noise canceling devices, the next step you need to take is to decide what type of headphones you would like.

You have three options to choose from: in-ear headphones, around-the-ear headphones or supra-aural headphones.

While in-ear products are flexible and provide superior sound quality, around-the-ear ones can block out more sound. Supra-aural headphones (also known as over-the-ear) are flexible and have a soft padding.

Another factor you should pay attention to is whether you want wired headphones or get rid of the wire and opt for Bluetooth ones.

If you’ve decided what type you like, you can go here and check the 7 best noise canceling headphones for 2017.

Check the Audio Quality

Don’t make the false assumption that noise canceling headphones equal good quality. Just as with any other products, the audio quality relies on factors such the design, materials used, the quality of the audio processor, and so on. Premium quality comes at a premium price. So, if you want headphones that can cancel out sounds effectively and have great audio, then be ready to pay the price.

Check the Battery Life

Remember, there’s a lot of technology behind noise-canceling headphones. The audio processor needs a lot of power to listen to ambient noises and be able to block them. That’s why it’s important to check the battery life before making a purchase. The last thing you would want is to spend several hundred dollars on a pair of expensive headphones only to have them die a few months later.

Keep in mind that some noise canceling devices have a built-in rechargeable unit while others come with replaceable batteries. If you choose the latter, make sure to buy enough batteries so that you don’t go out of them when you need your headphones the most.

Don’t Expect Miracles

Noise canceling headphones can lower ambient noise, but they can’t block out everything. While they can successfully cancel sounds like chit-chatting, car engines, air conditioning units, and so on, they aren’t very effective in blocking out sharp noise, like a door slamming or someone shouting or the sound of a jet engine. They can, however, make these sounds more manageable.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that noise canceling headphones are among the top wearable devices every modern person needs. You need your smart watch to make it easier to keep up with your busy agenda, your fitness tracker band to ensure you’re active and healthy, and your noise canceling headphones to tune out the world around you and get some much-needed peace.  

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