Spam: the social danger and ways to combat

Spam as an illegal form of advertising
downloadSpam (SPAM, Self Promotion and Marketing, or Spiced Meat – from the name of obsessive advertise canned meat) – is a massive (several million addresses) sending unsolicited commercial recipients or other information. This distribution is characterized by the absence of the prior consent of the recipient to receive the message
Network Spam causes serious headaches to individuals and loss of the entire IT industry. In the European Union and the United States sending such messages are prohibited by law – the relevant acts have been adopted very recently. One of the largest US Internet provider America Online (AOL), each month brings several lawsuits against spammers who are engaged in the systematic sending of advertising in the addresses of its customers.
The rapid growth in the volume of spam is explained easily: the distribution of unsolicited (unsolicited) messages of a commercial nature is the cheapest, though less “accurate” form of advertising. The cheapness of mass mailings is caused by two reasons. Firstly, the Internet – it is a very inexpensive means of data transmission. Secondly, spammers commonly use to deliver their messages of others resources (computing and transport capacity, which obtained unauthorized access), which further reduces the cost of mailing.
Tips to fight and prevent your email address from spamming
Do not buy anything from those involved in e-mailing of spam. Firstly, it only encourages them to continue spamming. Second, it tells them that your email address is valid (used and tested by the user), they can pass on this address to anyone else.
Make sure you’re hosting or ISP anti-spam system is installed, which help detect spam before it reaches your inbox. Sometimes these anti-spam systems are very fanatical, and you may have to train them to pass emails to addresses you need
Do not use a common e-mail (e-mail address on all messages that come to the wrong address). General e-mail address is valid by default if you have your own website, and is used to receive all incoming e-mails sent to addresses related to your domain.
Try to use Best Spam filtering services by Everycloudtech, on your e-mail to filter spam. You will still receive spam, but it will go to the folder “Spam” folder or “suspicious messages.” Most anti-spam filters itself learns and you can specify a filter that some emails are not spam, despite the fact that he put them in a folder “Spam”. Many of these anti-spam filters use the principle of White Lists (secure e-mail addresses from which you do want to receive e-mail) and Black Lists (e-mail addresses of spammers). Try to learn all the features of your software against spam, and it will begin to work miracles.