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No doubt, that facebook security team is doing a good work to prevent unauthorized access from malicious users. But a great quote says that “nobody is perfect” and facebook security system not too. facebook is #2 most popular website and a leading social networking site, so there are always having some chances to make fool of their security system. Recently facebook introduces another system to prevent phishing scams. Which is like changing youremail@gmail.com to youremail32312@facebook.com

By adopting this security feature, facebook prevented phishing scams to a great extent. But on the other hand, it has also introduced lot of new security vulnerability on facebook. I will try to show you how to penetrate some of the loop holes generated by this vulnerability.

But before moving further note one thing in mind, that the tricks we are mentioning in this article is for educational purpose only and don’t use it for doing any illegal activities. If you use it to do anything illegal, you are solely responsible for that.

What you will get after reading this article:
you will know how to send messages from any facebook account to any facebook account or how to publish your post with anyone’s facebook account to desired group without knowing anyone’s password or without doing any kind of cracking or hacking stuff. This is a facebook trick and solely for fun purpose only.

So lets start,

Step 1: First of all, we need to pick 2 friends from our facebook friends list. One will be the message sender and one will be the message receiver.
Let’s say, we picked Ricky as sender and Kelvin as receiver.

Step 2: Since Ricky is sending message we need to get his Facebook login email address. We can get login email in his about me field easily. Just login to your account and navigate to about me section of Ricky’s profile. You can get login address there. But what..? There is an address exists which looks like ricky232@facebook.com .

Ques: is ricky232@facebook.com is a valid login email address?

Ans:  You can use this address to login on facebook but This is not a actual login email address. A login email address is your email provider email address which you used at the time of sign up on facebook. Now You have to decode ricky232@facebook.com to rickyrocks@gmail.com
you can easily decode facebook address into actual email address.

Step 3: Now you have an actual email address of your email sender. Now in next step go to http://emkei.cz/ This is a spoof email sender and can send an email to anyone as anyone. Where it says ‘From name:‘ and ‘From email:‘ put the sender’s email address. So it should look like

From name: rickyrocks@gmail.com
From email: rickyrocks@gmail.com

Step 4: in order to send fake messages on facebook you must find the receivers @facebook.com email to receive the fake email in their inbox. To do this navigates to the receivers Facebook profile and click on about section, and copy their @facebook.com email.
Let’s say Kelvin’s @facebook.com email is Kelvin.kelvin132@facebook.com .

Step 5: Go back to the http://emkei.cz/ site and where it says ‘To:‘ Enter the Facebook email address of receiver.
To: Kelvin.kelvin132@facebook.com 

Step 6: Do not write anything in ‘Subject:’ just go down to ‘Text:’ and write anything whatever you want to write. Leave other fields as it is.

Now on http://emkei.cz/ The page should look like:

From name: rickyrocks@gmail.com
From email: rickyrocks@gmail.com
To: Kelvin.kelvin132@facebook.com
Text: Hello, Kelvin this is Ricky from Australia. Can i get your contact number please..?

Now fill out the Captcha and click on send.

Voila, you had now sent an inbox from your friends facebook account to your other friends facebook account!
You can also do other cool stuff like publish status in groups with anyone’s facebook account updating status and making group posts by this latest facebook trick.

How To publish your post via anyone’s facebook account in a group
Every group on a facebook have a group id by which anyone can publish posts in a desired group by just sending emails on group id.

1) Pick any friend in your friend list and find out his actual email address of that friend by this article

2) Pick any facebook group. Your friend should be a member of that group.

3) Open that group and navigate to about section in that group. You will find a group id like tricksmode@groups.facebook.com  in that group.

4) Now open http://emkei.cz/ and enter actual email address of your friend which we find in step 1 in from name: field.

5) Now enter the same actual email address of your facebook friend in from email: field.
And enter facebook group id of desired group which looks like tricksmode@groups.facebook.com in To: field.

6) Finally enter your message which you want to publish in desired group in text field. Fill up Captcha and leave other options as it is. And click on send to publish desired post from anyone’s facebook account to desired group.

Above mentioned facebook trick doesn’t work with some facebook accounts. We tested this facebook trick with our 2 accounts. It works fine with an account but didn’t work with another account. So if this doesn’t work well with your account then please don’t blame on me. Just try and leave your valuable comments in comment box below, so we can help you out…

Hi, This is Itender Rawat and I am Editor-in-Chief of Tricksmode.com I am 26 year tech lover, bike rider and thinker from Dehradun who writes about Technology, Mobiles, Android, Softwares and Internet


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