Android is a popular operating system for touch screen mobile phones. Android phones offer various features over traditional phones. So today we are going to enlist 8 secret tricks for android smart phones that most android users don’t know.
1. Enable USB-debugging very name of this function, it sounds as if this option may be in use only a professional developer of applications for Android, but in fact the use of this mode is perhaps the most widespread hidden option. USB-Debugging allows applications on the computer to interact with Android-powered device via USB-connection. This may be required for different tricks related to managing smartphone: obtaining root, unlock the device and install custom firmware.

Tricks for Android Smartphone

You can also use the command debug bridge to exchange files or create and restore backup device without root permissions. It is important to remember that the USB-Debugging could threaten the safety concerns, if Android-powered device is connected to an infected USB-port.

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  1. Use the password for the backup

Tricks using Debug Bridge may require a password for access to the created backup device if USB-Debugging used for this purpose. This will help protect by “backups”. Passwords encrypt them and will restore backups without him.

  1. Disable or change the animation speed

Switching between applications and screens on Android, the time a user spends viewing the animation, which can be quite superfluous for him. Fortunately, you can disable it through the hidden partition “For Developers” or change its size and speed, if it is still required for certain needs. On a fairly fast phones and tablets switching between applications can be done in the present moment.

  1. Enable “4x MSAA for games using three-dimensional graphics

Phones and tablets with high-end outstanding graphics performance and support for advanced 3D-games include the option to carry out an even better interaction with resource-intensive programs. To do this in the “Developers” is a special item that allows you to turn on the option 4x MSAA. This will cause the device to use a four-smoothing technology in OpenGL ES 2.0, which will significantly improve the quality of graphics, but may quickly sit down battery.

  1. Make sure that the negative impact of applications such as Task Killer:

This software is used to automatically complete the processes executing applications. But experts say that the application type Task Killer is not just useless, but harmful. Their use is only slows down the system performance by removing the cached data, making Android every time you start a new download applications from the memory. Subsection “Do not save actions” will help to ensure this.

Enabling this option will be forced to close at the end of the application used to work with them. . All processes smartphone slowed markedly, it surely would be annoying the user. It is placed so developers Google this concealed function menu away from ordinary users who might accidentally activate Task Killer, to blame and after slow work platform.

  1. Activate fictitious location

Essence of this feature is fully revealed in its title. It is aimed at defrauding of Android-based device on his whereabouts. Use of this hidden features and applications Fake GPS will allow the system to inspire and individual programs that the user is in a location where it is actually not. How to use it in real life? Most likely, it can be the foundation for a joke on your friends about instant teleportation to the other end of the Earth by the applications that use the function check-in, showing the location.

  1. Do not allow the device to turn off the screen while charging

Distributed applications tailored to the so-called Daydream Mode. This mode allows you not to obscure the screen while charging. To work with other programs, you can use a hidden opportunity, located in the “Do not turn off the screen.” Display illumination in this case will operate continuously.

  1. Check the CPU load

To verify the CPU can by enabling “Statistics processes.” The information displayed at the top of any application you use. Numbers to the left to right represent the load on the system within one to five and fifteen minutes. This is not a feature that may be necessary for the user constantly, but it may be a good alternative to third-party applications.  Analyzing with advanced options, it should be understood that they are intended for professional debugging.

Change values ​​without understanding the consequences categorically advised. In any case, you can undo any change, removing user settings with the switch at the top of the screen.


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