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Backtrack is a great operating system for ethical hackers as a penetration testing purpose.It contains almost all the  tools which can be used in penetration testing. Many new users of backtrack faces a “Metasploit path not found” problem while working with Social Engineer Toolkit present on Backtrack 5 R2. This error comes when correct path to Metasploit framework is not specified.

In Backtrack 5 R2 “Metasploit Path not found” problem usually occurs when you
try to open Social Engineering Toolkit commanly known as SET (from Applications -> BackTrack -> Exploitation Tools -> Social Engineering Tools -> Social Engineering Toolkit -> set), it loads up as normal, requiring you to accept the terms of service. But, before the terms of service appear, following error is shown:

[!] Metasploit path not found. These payloads will be disabled.               
[!] Please configure in the config/set_config. Press {return} to continue

This error reappears if you try to use the option 4,Update the Metasploit

This problem can be fixed in two ways

Method 1: if your computer is connected with internet. Then open Social Engineer toolkit and Select option number 5, which says “Update The Social Engineer Toolkit”. By doing this, SET will download a new copy of set_config file which is compatible with your system.
After Social Engineer Toolkit update, restart SET and You are done..

This method consumes time and extra bandwidth. So you can try method 2 which doesn’t needs internet connection to remove this error.

Method 2: Open set_config file, Which usually present at /pentest/exploits/set/config/set_config  with any text editor program.

After that locate the following line

Code: METASPLOIT_PATH=/opt/framework3/msf3

And Then Replace With Following Line

Code: METASPLOIT_PATH=/opt/metasploit/msf3

Save the Changes and You are done.

Now social engineer toolkit will work without any error.

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