Your computer is your everything. And suddenly it stops working. This would be something horrific. There may be some issues that may be rectified with a restart. But, what if your computer is completely broken and shows no sign of resuscitation? How would you recover data from a broken computer? We will check out a few methods you can use to recover the files from your broken device.

Your computer is dead, but it may not mean your hard drive is dead. It could be an issue with your Windows operating system or some other sort of malfunction from the software point of view. The fixes would depend upon the exact reasons for the breaking down of your computer.

Boot Into Windows Using AInstallation DVD

Please note that this method may not work if your hardware has gone dead. However, if it is only the installation that has gone damaged, you may try to recover your data by booting your phone up by alternative means.

broken computer

We assume you have your installation CD with you. If you do not, you may need to create a bootable drive. If you are on Windows, you can use the Media Creation Tool for this purpose. Insert this CD and boot your computer. Once it boots up, you can be sure that the hardware is not damaged. You can either go ahead with repairing your installation. In case you are only interested in recovering your data, you can use a USB drive to backup all your important data.

Use The Hard Drive On Another Computer

If the computer is not able to boot even with the help of installation disk, it could mean the hardware has died. Hopefully, your hard drive may still be working. You can pull it out and use it on another computer.

Just dismantle your device and pull out the hard drive. Connect it to another computer and check if you can recover your files. Please note that your hard drive should be detected. The exact procedure may differ depending upon your computer and connectors available. You should either be able to connect it externally or internally.

Use A Dedicated Recovery Tool

The most trusted method for recovering the files from a broken computer involves using a dedicated data recovery software. In fact, these tools will need you to create a bootable disk.

Once you have a bootable disk for the tool, you will need to boot into the program. Once it boots into the data recovery program, you can follow the on-screen instructions to recover the data from your hard drive. In case, your computer cannot boot into the bootable disk, you may need to install the hard drive on another working computer and then use the data recovery software for recovering your data.

The Parting Thoughts

Well, a data loss is something that can be a real nightmare. It can hit your device anytime. There can be several reasons that may cause it. System failures, software issues, corrupted BIOS settings or actual hardware failures can be an issue. But there is no reason you need to worry if your computer is broken.

Yes, indeed – do not worry if your computer is broken and you are not able to recover the data. The methods indicated above should be helpful enough in recovering your data without any trouble. You can check out the best data recovery tools that can be used for the effective recovery of your files.

In any case, the best you can do is to know the reasons why a computer can be broken and use the preventive measures to avoid it. In the extreme cases of your computer going broken, use any of the above methods to retrieve your data safely.

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