Graphic design is the perfect job for anyone that loves computers and has a creative mind. Whether you’re looking for a change of career or are still at school weighing up future job paths, here are several reasons to give graphic design a go.

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Graphic design jobs are always in demand

Almost all forms of marketing rely on graphic design talent from leaflets to internet ads. There are also many other branches of graphic design from packaging to 3D product design to animation. Almost everything artificial you see around you went through a design phase at some point. It’s an essential form of visual communication that relies on creativity and therefore can never be replaced by robots (unlike other trades that are constantly being mechanised).

It’s easier than ever before

University isn’t the only access route into graphic design. You can specialise in a certain programme by taking a specific course such as Adobe Illustrator Training. There are also many online sources that can help you self-teach such as this site for teaching yourself animation. Online tools have made precision easier than before, as well as erasing and fixing mistakes. Building a portfolio is also much easier as you can do it all digitally instead of having to carry around physical copies that could run the risk of getting damaged or stolen. There’s never been a better time to get into graphic design.

Boost your problem solving skills

Problem-solving is essential to graphic design – you are constantly having to relate details to the bigger picture. It’s a marriage between liberal arts and logic and is all about find new ways to visually communicate in order to target the right audience. A designer has to constantly be critiquing his/her own work in order to get the best results. Getting involved in graphic design will allow you to see the world in a whole new light.  

There’s no suit and tie

Most graphic design jobs are casually dressed, which is great for anyone that finds suit restrictive. Clients of all levels don’t mind this. It’s ones of the bonuses of a creative job.

Reasons NOT to get into graphic design

When considering a path in graphic design, some things are equally worth taking into account. Those that aren’t computer savvy should realise that the whole job is now computer-based and not having basic skills could make it a very steep learning curve. An ability to draw is also useful. Whilst you don’t have to be an artist, it’s important to be able scale things correctly.

Graphic design can pay well, but you shouldn’t expect to earn big bucks straight away. You have to work your way up the ladder, which takes dedication. Going self-employed you may able to make money quicker, but this requires having an entrepreneurial mind. Put in the work and you’ll eventually see the reward.

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