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Boot Multiple Operating Systems

How To Boot Multiple Operating Systems From Single USB Drive

Why MultiBoot Operating Systems on a Single USB Drive? People generally load multiple operating systems on to a single USB drive so that they don’t have to play around with many USB...
htc-butterfly-water-proof phone

Top 5 Waterproof Smartphones in Market

Once upon a time people were using mobile phones just to communicate with near and dears from distance. But now the trend has changed. Fashion, living style, needs and requirements of...
apps for Android Tablets

How to Find Optimum apps for Android Tablets

With more and more Tablets flooding Android Market, Google Play Store is finally seeing some Tablet Optimized apps. But it still troubles a lot to find them, as there is no...

Online Website Builder – Boon to Website Developers

Web Development, a technology used to develop website for the Internet or a local network got attraction post 1990’s. Wide range of Languages like HTML, PHP, Python, ASP.NET, JSP, and Servlet...
Tips for Business

5 Social Media Tips for Business

People might think that social media is a rocket science but seriously it is not true at all. It is pretty good news because it simply means that with just some...

Targeted suggestion for Magento store: is it possible?

Stuffing webpages of your Magento store with New Arrivals from the latest collections is something that the brand-hunters are taking for granted. Don’t be mistaken: there is no such a thing...
Tracking apps for iPhone

Tracking apps for iPhone | Choose Right Mobile App

You have decided to get hold of a spying app to monitor iPhone remotely? It’s half part of the decision. The difficult part is selecting the right app. There are more tracking apps...
Smartphone into Solar Energy Panel

How to Convert Your Smartphone into Solar Panel

University of California Los Angeles or commonly Known as UCLA’s Researchers have germinated and developed a new technology that consumes Solar energy as its main power source. They have developed a...
Fix Water Damaged Smartphone

How to Fix Water Damaged Smartphone Easily

More and more we get used to the gadgets, the lesser we pay attention to their care and caring. May be that’s why almost 50% of Cell phone users have already...

Clashot Review: Its Time to Monetize Your Mobile Photography

As time has changed, photography has acquired a total metamorphosis in several aspects! One of the notable dawns the world of photography has seen recently is called Smartphone photography, which has...

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How to Check if Android Phone is Unlocked

Buying an Android phone is not an easy task. There are several variants of the operating systems, and different manufacturers. The configuration differences apart,...