Web Development, a technology used to develop website for the Internet or a local network got attraction post 1990’s. Wide range of Languages like HTML, PHP, Python, ASP.NET, JSP, and Servlet got interest into Computer Science die to Web Development. Initially all the Web developers used to spend hours on understanding the crux of programming language and code certain logic to build web pages. But lately, different organization jumped into this business with certain fantastic tools to offer. Tools best known as Website Builders are most useful to Web developers that make their work simple in web development.  Many novice developers have a call of having these Website Developer tools as a boon to the developer community. But on the other hand some developers within the same community often refer this as a curse to them. We are not here to talk anything negative about the online website builder platforms. We refer to these tools as a boon to Website Developers.


Many of such Website Developer tools are available online. Some of these tools are free and open source, while some of them are commercial products. The products those comes free are with less number of functionality as compared to the commercial products under the category.  One can easily perform following options by using the free website builder platforms.

Choose a Design

The Online Website Builder comes with much design as preloaded available. You can select these designs and make some changes if required or use these designs as they come. The templates and designs sometimes are not free of cost to use, so the developers have to make sure they are utilizing the designs as per their pocket budgets.

Insert your content

Content is a part that is most important in any website. The templates and design once finalized in the phase 1 from the website builder, the developer should insert the content of the website in the appropriate positions of the template. These insertions of content should make the content more readable. The text should be well formatted, free from grammatical errors and engaging in terms of visitors.

Publish to the Globe all around

What all developers need is to make their content that is generated available to all the people around the globe. Some website builder tools online come with a free hosting options but some are providing these hosting services on a nominal charge. Again the question is how much the developer can afford to pay for the services he is in need.


With all these features and options for customization, one should easily find these tools as helpful to the developer community. The novice developers who don’t have much of coding knowledge can easily opt for these tools and make sure they produce quality products for their client. Therefore, we would like to conclude that Online Website Builder tools are certainly a boon to the website developer community which gives every user a chance to produce quality websites.

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