If you store oil, be it in containers, barrels or jerry cans, are you certain you have taken the essential steps to make storing as safe as imaginable? It does not matter which oil it is, even red diesel has come to be an eye-catching proposition for thieves today. Many persons have either experienced oil theft or else know somebody who has suffered.

Diesel refinery

As HM Revenue & Customs are vigorously ensuring rebated fuel (red diesel) is not used unlawfully, storage of white diesel is increasing together with the requirement for enhanced security.

Consequently, what steps can be taken and what safety measures are obtainable? Tanks outside buildings are most at risk and the old single coated tanks standing on blocks with gravity pipe are the easiest to attack. One swipe with a heavy item usually breaks off the tank tap and permits the contents to pour out easily. This makes the burglars’ job very easy, however also causes contamination for which you will be accountable. Consider buying a double bunded tank. You might say that determined thieves will generally succeed, but they favour easy pickings first.

Most prevalent now are diesel oil stations. These bunded hard bodied containers usually feature a compressed design and the upright models take up very little space. Dependent on constructor, they can contain many features for example electronic contents measures, bund alarms, internal lights, oil filters, movement meters and so on. Most have lockable cabinet entrances.

If burglary and/or defacement is actually a serious issue, then the single remaining solution is to go for the high safety of bunded steel derv containers. These very robust, double-skinned containers are built to keep your oil as safe as imaginable.

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