Technology, with all its potential, has proved useful to many people around the world. Now, as long as you have a smartphone and iron will, you should be able to achieve anything – especially where weight loss is concerned.

Read on to learn more about the Numi app by Nutrisystem: 

Nutrisystem: A Technology Innovator that Makes Weight Loss Easier

At its most basic, Nutrisystem is an effective meal delivery program that will help you with your weight loss. Once you sign up, you’ll start receiving control meal portions delivered straight to your home. All you have to do is eat the meals, and the weight loss will become apparent.  Nutrisystem has a wide variety of foods, over 40 years of experience in the industry, and a track record of helping millions lose weight fast and safely. As such, you can trust them to help you out. 

But what makes Nutrisystem stand out of other similar services is that they have employed technology to make weight loss even easier. They have created the Numi app.

Using Apps To Lose Weight 

There are tons of helpful tools for anyone looking to manage or lose weight. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention notes that over a third of the United States population is obese, and significantly more is overweight. This puts millions of people at a high risk of developing such conditions as heart disease and diabetes. 

Typically, you can lose weight by increasing your physical activity and improving your diet. However, this is usually easier said than done. The best solution, therefore, would be to use an active weight loss app to get you there – such as Numi. 

About Numi

“Created by Nutrisystem, Numi supports people who wish to lose weight”, says Karen of Lodlois, a site that offers coupons for Nutrisystem. The app works well, whether you are on the Nutrisystem plan or you are following your diet plan. 

Features Provided 

So, what features do you get with the Numi app? Essentially, you can use Numi by:


  • Downloading It


The first option would be to download the app on your Android phone or iPhone.


  • Sign Up


Alternatively, visit and create an account to see how the application works.

That said, the main features you get with the app include: 


All you need to do is enter your starting weight and goal weight, gender, age, and current level of physical activity. The app will calculate the maximum calorie amount you should be taking to get to your ideal weight. 

Food Log

Numi app also has a food log where you can enter the foods you eat daily (snacks, dinner, lunch, and breakfast). Then, you can choose your foods or a list of food entries by Nutrisystem (as well as your water intake). 

Exercise Log

In this log, you should enter the duration and type of exercise you engage in daily, and the app will calculate the calories burned through exercise. 


The app will also create charts showing how much weight you’ve lost over a given period. It will also show how your size and body measurements are changing through time. 

Article Database

The app is connected to the Leaf (, a database of Nutrisystem articles. Read these for tips, recipes, and the latest news in nutrition. 


The app can also integrate with Jawbone, Apple Health, Fitbit, and many other health and fitness apps. 

Concluding Thoughts

Overall, when you use the Numi app by Nutrisystem, you will get meal recommendations based on your preferences. All these, plus the features above, will enable you to reach your ideal weight in the shortest time possible. 

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