Keylogger software secretly records all the keystrokes typed on a phone or computer. There are many smartphone apps that have been developed for this purpose, allowing one to keep track of another person’s activities on his/her PC or smart device, with their operation being hidden from the phone user.


mSpy is one of the most popular smartphone apps being widely used as a tracking software as well as a keylogger. The simple installation onto the targeted phone gets the app running. It works by logging the phone’s data and uploading it to online server using mobile data or Wi-Fi. The mSpy customer can access it by entering his/her username and password.

There are a number of generic as well as unique features that the app offers, making it the ideal mobile tracking software. Some of them include:

  • Spy on text and multimedia messages: mSpy logs and uploads all the incoming and outgoing SMS and MMS. Even if they are deleted from the phone later on, the logs will still be accessible to the customer.
  • Log call details: The number, time and duration of calls is recorded and uploaded, along with the contacts’phone numbers and names (if they are saved).
  • Record phone calls: This feature allows one to listen to phone calls.
  • Log e-mails: All e-mails along with the attachments are recorded and may be accessed.
  • Log web browsing: URLs visited can be seen remotely. The browsing history may be deleted by the user, but this will not affect the logs that have already been uploaded to the mSpy server.
  • Spy on instant messengers: Skype, WhatsApp and Viber activity is logged. Skype calls may also be recorded.
  • Keystroke logging: As mentioned earlier, this allows the customer to view all the keystrokes that have been typed on the device. The regular tracking apps cannot let you spy on usernames, passwords or search phrases. This feature makes mSpy unique, though it is only available for Android phones so far.

Free tracking apps boast a ton of amazing features, but usually fail badly once they are put to the test. mSpy is different: for a highly reasonable fee of $39.99 per month, or $59.99 for three months, this app offers most of its wondrous features – check The keylogger feature is available in the premium package for $69.99 per month, which also offers many other options such as phone call recording, apps and URLs blocking, instant messenger tracking, device lockdown. Wipeout can be useful in case a phone containing sensitive data falls in the wrong hands, recording the phone’s surroundings, and several others.

One should be careful before purchasing a software that claims to have keystroke logging features, since many of them turn out to be generic spy apps and not the advanced keyloggers. Although these apps can still be used to track communications and cyber activities of the person whose phone is being monitored, they will not reveal their account names if that is what you are interested in.

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