Over 30,000 people are killed by traffic accidents in the United States across the average year. That’s an astonishing loss of life and causes a lot of pain and misery for the family of the victims. And, it also equates to more than $44 billion in medical and work-related costs. So, if you are in business and offer company cars to your employees, it makes sense to understand the major reasons why people crash. We checked in with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to find out the most common causes of accidents – and here’s what we found.


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Cell phones, drinking coffee, loud music – there are so many distractions that occur when people are driving. And, according to accident attorneys Zaner Harden, they are the leading cause of most car accidents. When you’re driving at speed, it only takes a second to lose focus on the road, and it can be devastating for all involved. Try to avoid all distractions, keep the music down low, and concentrate on the road ahead.


Drink driving is in decline, but it’s the cause of far too many accidents to be called a success. When you drink alcohol, you lose control, reflexes, and blurring of vision – and hearing. You can’t expect to get behind the wheel of a vehicle weighing a ton or more drunk. If you do, there will be consequences at some point. It’s best to avoid drinking at all if you plan on driving, but you should always stick within the limits. Try getting a personal breathalyzer to help you make a better decision.


Weather is the next biggest cause of accidents on American roads. And, it’s rain that causes the most of all weather conditions. It’s no surprise – the roads get slippery, hydroplaning can occur, and it can cause havoc on windshields. You should always avoid traveling by motor vehicle in heavy rain, although that can be tough when you need to go to work. If you do go out in harsh weather, drive slower, more carefully, and always leave enough stopping distance between you and the next vehicle.

Reckless driving

It’s sad that reckless driving is on the list, as it is the most needless act that causes death and disaster on the roads. Reckless drivers do not give any cause for concern to others on the roads, or pedestrians. They drive too fast, take too many risks, and are aggressive in every aspect of their driving. If you are a reckless car owner, try and seek out help to curb your behavior. There are many courses that promote safer driving – so see if you can find one suitable to your location.


Our fifth and final cause of car accidents is no surprise, either. Speeding contributes to almost a third of all accidents on the road, and, again, it is depressing that the figure is so high. If people took notice of the speed limits, this figure would be slashed, no doubt. The faster you go, the more reaction time it takes to stop, so it makes sense to stick to those limits, whether you’re on the freeway or in a built up area.



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