Mobile technology has highly developed today. Of course, the principles of dating are still the same as always. People meet, and if they get along well they start going out together. But modern technology has helped by introducing mobile applications that facilitate this first meeting.

In the past, there were matchmakers in every community or village that helped people get connected to each other if they were somehow compatible. Modern technology through smartphones has re-introduced this by assuming the role of the matchmaker. In this century, people meet in mobile applications and get to know each other, and then, in the long run, they set a date and get to know each other physically.

Compared to traditional matchmaking, online dating gives people more. This is very convenient for a person who wants to meet partners of a particular type. Also, mobile apps offer various types of testing especially on personality to make sure that the partners are compatible. People get to communicate without having to spend a lot of time, which is a great thing especially for those busy with work. This also helps people to further test their compatibility better before meeting in person. The Most Popular Dating App

There are many mobile apps that are used for dating today but is the most popular dating app. According to eBizMBA (May 1st, 2017), is the most popular mobile dating app, which also has new members joining it every month of approximately 35million.

Over the years, people have increasingly relied on modern technology to meet partners online. There was a national survey conducted by Pew Research Center among 2000 adults between June and July 2015. It showed that the number of Americans using mobile dating apps has increased by three times the number from 3% to 12%. 41% of American adults know someone who has used mobile dating apps and 29% know someone in a long-term relationship that met the partner in mobile dating apps. Those people who know others who are using mobile dating apps mostly know how to use the apps themselves. This shows that mobile dating keeps on increasing as the years go by.

Features of Match App
Since its introduction in 2003, has become a platform for many to meet potential partners. It can be easily accessed worldwide and also through a variety of platforms.

It is easy to sign up and set up a profile. Also one doesn’t need the internet on their phone in order to peruse the other users’ profile. If one has already made their payments, they can check other users profiles and message those they find fascinating but without the need to give out their contact information.

In 2007, app had a user base of over 5 million and 80% of them were below the age of 35. The number kept growing and in 2014, it was at 21 million. The app can be used on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android, and Amazon. It also supports languages like French, Simplified Chinese, Portuguese, English, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, Italian, German, Japanese and Korean.

A very convenient feature of for Android users is that messages are sent directly to your smartwatch. Singles can use “icebreakers’ to start conversations and also one can be put in the spotlight, which helps them get more views. For people to use full features there is a subscription that has to be paid. Download and sign up is free but other features like communicating start at $22.60 per month. Thankfully, Lodlois has coupons for that save you 25%. is rich in features that enable the user to choose from a variety of relationship types. What’s more, one is able to see single people nearby. This app also has its privacy terms and one can only share their personal information if they want to., unlike other dating apps, has been known to find love for lonely hearts. Also for people who don’t want their dating to be linked with apps like Facebook, is a good choice for them because it keeps their privacy.

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