Generating affiliate sales is not an easy task and tends to be more difficult when you have launched a new site and a new product. The best way to get a good traffic is by uploading videos for your products. Videos let your visitors grasp details of your products in a better manner than the mere textual information.

But not everyuone is a professional who can create a video. If you are new to the concept of creating videos or do not have any experience in creating videos, we have a solution for you lets you create your product videos easily even if you’re not an expert.

Why Create Whiteboard Videos?

Videos speak more than text. They need no language. Yes, it depends upon how you create your videos. You need to fill in as much information about your product as you can. Whiteboard videos are the best means of making your business grow places.

But, not everyone is an expert in creating the whiteboard videos. If you are one of those novices, you need not fret and run to a professional video maker. There are several whiteboard video maker tools available which help you create professional videos explaining your product features in a clear and lucid manner. One such affordable service provider is MakeWebVideo.

What makes MakeWebVideo a good option?

Well, MakeWebVideo is undoubtedly the best and most user-friendly Whiteboard Video creator. What makes it the best option? We have our reasons here –

  • Many templates – The service offers you quite an enviable number of pre-designed There are several templates you can use for all your needs – be it explainer videos or Whiteboard videos. The rich stock of templates is a major plus point for the service. The list includes several basic and professional videos.
  • No Hosting –  Unlike other video makers, MakeWebVideo lets you host the video yourself. This reduces your costs. You can embed the video on your site.
  • Free Previews – You don’t need to pay for anything you do. Well, until you download the final video. You can create as many videos as you can and preview them. You pay only when you download the final video.
  • No Installation and Downloads – MakeWebVideo is a web-based tool. You don’t need to download or install any application. You complete all the steps on the website
  • Simple Interface – The web app comes with a simple to use interface. All the tasks involved in creating your Whiteboard video are arranged in an easy access manner. The UI is quite easy to follow and understand.
  • No upfront fees – The service does not need you to pay any upfront charges. You need to make a payment only when you download the final video.
  • Ease of use – The service is quite easy to use and understand. It does not need you to go through a steep learning curve to get used to the service. Even a novice can easily use it.

How to create a video with MakeWebVideo?

As stated before, it involves a few simple steps. You don’t need any technical experience for the purpose. Simply follow these steps –

  • Visit official MakeWebVideo site.
  • Log in to your account. If you don’t an account, navigate to Register link to create an account. There are no fees associated with registration.
  • Choose a template that best suits your requirements. You have several templates to choose from. The basic templates would cost you $ 29 while the professional ones will be chargeable at $ 89 to $ 99.
  • Click on Create free preview video.
  • You are taken to the Video Editing Add details to your video using Add Graphics option. You can check the tutorial video to understand the concepts.
  • You can add your own custom images, clips and music files.
  • Save your video after completing all editing.

You can download the video after you are satisfied with the results. You need to make payment only when you download the video. You can choose to download the video in either MP4 format or WEBM format depending upon your requirements. The software uses Adobe After Effects for creating the final videos. Please note that Adobe After Effects is the world class software when it comes to high end video production. This will ensure that you end up paying for the right quality of a video file that should work wonders for your website, and in turn to your business.


The service does not have a package pricing. Pricing is per template basis. The price ranges from $29 to $99. As we stated before, the basic templates are priced at $ 29. If you want professional video templates, you can opt for them  at $ 89 to $ 99.

MakeWebVideo offers you a 100 percent money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the final video, you can opt for money back offer. You can either choose to get your money back, or get to create a new video without having to pay any money.


MakeWebVideo is an affordable service that lets you create excellent Whiteboard videos. It should be the best option for small businesses. It is the most affordable video production service. You can be assured of your professional quality videos for your business by making a payment just under $ 100. It should be equivalent to a fraction of what you may be charged by professional video makers. We would expect you to opt for MakeWebVideo for all your needs in business video requirements in creating Whiteboard videos. We would expect it to improve your business prospects. If you don’t want to pay exorbitant prices for a single video, go for MakeWebVideo.

Have you used the service? If not, head on and create an account with MakeWebVideo. It will cost you nothing. You only need to make payments only when you download the video. We welcome you to share your opinions about this excellent and affordable video production service that can work wonders with your whiteboard videos.

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