We’ve all been there before. After purchasing a brand new MacBook at the Apple store, you dash home and plug it in, rejoicing in how cleanly and quickly it runs. Yet over time as your computer gets loaded up with software, personal files and photos, it can have a tendency to lag. Suddenly, your cool new laptop isn’t working as quickly as it used to. And as you continually add more upgrades that use up valuable memory, even checking your email can be a slog.

Make Your MacBook Run Faster

How do you get your laptop to run like new again? Is it possible to teach an old computer new tricks? Sources say that there are ways to upgrade your hard drive and get your laptop performing at maximum speed. Even if you’ve shelled out for a faster processor and upgraded your RAM, it may still not be enough. According to a writer from Business Insider, the single best thing you can do is replaceyour computer’s hard drive with a single state drive (available for purchase at Amazon).

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These energy-efficient data hubs aremuch faster than traditional drives and better overall for your computer. All you need to do is pop out your old drive using a screwdriver and use the pre-existing mounting plates for your new hardware.

After installing a clean version of OSX Yosemite, create a bootable USB drive for the program or simply clone your pre-existing drive. Soon, you’ll have an old MacBook that runs like new at a processing speed comparable with all the newest models. Most solid state drives can be purchased for less than $250, which is a bargain when you consider how much it would cost to replace your entire laptop.

If you work with many large video or photo files or require a lot of drive space, this little revamp will make a huge difference. If you’re nervous about performing this delicate operation, you can always recruit a professional tech service or ask a friend.

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In addition to upgrading your computer’s hard drive, consider other precautionary measures. External wear and tear can destroy your laptop, especially as your computer gets overloaded with harmful dust, dirt and grime over the years. Invest in a laptop skin from a reputable online retailer and protect your computer from dangerous liquid spills.

There are great deals on MacBook decals over at dbrand.com, an online retailer that’s known as the “boss of vinyl skins.” This company crafts their products from high quality 3M vinyl which is easy to remove, wipe down and replace without leaving any harmful residue behind.

Their skins also come in a range of incredibly cool colours, patterns and designs for every style imaginable. Whether you’re looking for a red carbon fiber, matte black leather or faux wood paneling look, this company has got you covered. Having a protective skin on your computer will keep a barrier in place against any unwanted material that accumulates on the surface. It also makes your computer look really cool.

You’ve already invested so much in your laptop. With a few basic upgrades you can make sure that it will run in peak condition for years to come. By future-proofing your machine with a laptop skin and a solid-state drive, it will be able to handle anything.

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