Have you ever though of hacking an iphone?

If yes, then you come at a right place, today we are
going to show you something like iphone trick that will surly turn you
as an iphone hacker. Today you are going to breach
the security and privacy of iphones by reading text
messages of your friend’s iphone. To read sms
messages of your friend iphone we need a wifi access
on both iphone. So without taking much of your
precious time, here we start.


1. iphone (Jail broken).
2. Wifi access.
3. Victim iPhone (needs to be on same wifi)
4. Need to have OpenSSH on both iphones. (You can turn it on in SBS settings)

Steps to read sms messages of your friend’s iphone.

1. Download and install SMSThief.

sms thief

2. Run SMSThief.
3. Click on “Backup SMS” (So, you won’t lose your text messages).
4. Type victim’s IP address (i.e. To find IP address of victim’s iPhone follow these steps.

  • Run CMD and type ipconfig and then press enter.
  • Type your default gateway in a web browser.
  • Log in to your router
  • Go to advance tab and click on “Attached Devices”, refer to snapshot below.
    find out victim’s iphone IP address

5. Look at the devices till you find out victim.

check victim iphone’s IP

6. Type in victim’s password (default password is “alpine”) and then Click on the robber.

read sms messages of your friend's iphone

7. Then click on “Import SMS”.
8. Open messages and look at new messages. Bingo you just stole your sms messages from your friend’s iphone.
9. if you want your old messages back then click on “Restore SMS”.

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