In simplistic terms we tend to buy with our eyes , but there are some complicated things going on behind the scenes that ensures we are drawn to certain products or the way that they are arranged on the shelves.

In-store marketing is about bringing your products to life and presenting them in the best possible way so that they call out to anyone passing. Using Crosscap’s sign software could help you achieve that bit of marketing magic, and there are some useful placement tips that you may want to take on board too.

Keep it simple

Using clear and concise signage that doesn’t go overboard on the amount of text, is a proven winner when it comes to attracting customers.


You have to remember that you are competing for attention against rival products, even in your own store, so short and sweet is the mantra that you need to be working to.

You might have a lot to say about how good your product is but the real trick is to just hit your customer with the big details in a clear and concise way. This means keeping it really simple, by using signage that tells customers what the product does and what deals are on, and you really need to get that done with signage copy that is very economical on the number of letters you use.

Going digital hits the spot with customers

Using digital signage or even plasma screens to demonstrate and talk about your products, has a real relevancy to it when you consider that we are now shopping in what is truly a digital age.

The basic message if you want to make the most of technology in a traditional retail environment, is to combine that available technology in the best way with your product, bringing it to life in such a visual way, that you will discover that this is a combination that helps drive sales upwards.

First impressions count

We all know just how important first impressions can be, and this is definitely true when you consider how you allow customers to make that transition from the outside and into the retail space that you have created.

There is a threshold area in every store, which is widely referred to as the decompression zone. What this describes is the first few feet of space that they see of your store and how it sets the tone for what they think and feel about what you have to offer.

Try it for yourself in a rival store, and you will probably be amazed at just how much this first few feet of retail space affects and influences your judgment on how cheap or expensive your store is likely to be.

It is also worth bearing in mind that placing signage in this decompression zone can be wasteful, as they are too busy adjusting to the tone and layout of your store to read the message or act on it.

In-store signage placement definitely matters when you are trying to get those products to fly off the shelves.

Mason Lewis is experienced in marketing with many years working as a retail marketing manner amongst other roles. His articles cover all aspects of marketing and branding.

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