How To Verify Two Facebook Accounts With Same Mobile Number

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Facebook Recently introduced a new feature of mobile number verification. This feature introduced by facebook security team to strengthen the security level of this giant social networking site. Till yet facebook mobile verification is not compulsory but you can enjoy extra features on facebook if you verify your mobile number with facebook. But the bad
thing about mobile number verification is that Facebook is not offering multiple facebook accounts verification with same mobile number and the main problem arises when you are using multiple facebook accounts and having a single mobile phone. So today we are sharing a facebook trick by which you can verify your multiple facebook accounts with same mobile number but before we start, some frequently asked questions about mobile number verification and their answers..

Is confirming email address and verifying facebook account both are same?
No, its not. After an account creation, facebook needs email verification to ensure that they are sending information to right email address. And on the other hand, verification of mobile number on facebook required to make your profile security stronger and to deliver you new handy features right on your mobile phone.

What are the benefits of mobile number verification on facebook?
The most common advantage of mobile number verification is that you can add a profile url after mobile number verification. Another great advantage of mobile number verification is that it keeps your facebook profile in good standings, so chances of getting blocked by facebook and hacked by hackers become less.

So now here’s the actual facebook trick by which you can verify two facebook accounts by a same mobile number.

I am assuming that one of your facebook accounts is already verified with some mobile number. And in following facebook trick, I am only showing how to verify your other remaining facebook account with same mobile number. If none of your facebook account is yet verified by mobile number than first verify a facebook account with mobile number and follow given trick to verify remaining facebook account.

1) Open your 1st facebook account and deactivate that account. To deactivate a facebook account go to Account Setting > Security > Deactivate Account.

2) Now logout from your 1st  facebook account.

3) Open your 2nd facebook account.

4) Go to Account Setting.

5) Click on mobile tab and enter your mobile number followed with country code.

6) After sometime you will get a verification code on your mobile. Enter that code and save setting.

7) Now logout from your 2nd facebook account and activate your 1st facebook account.

Great. You just had verified multiple facebook account with same mobile number. You can also generalize this facebook trick to verify more than 2 of facebook accounts with same mobile number and it just needs some brain.

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