Sometimes we wish to find out the details of a mobile phone user with his mobile number who is annoying us from days or from months.
Tracing a mobile phone is never being an easy task. There are lots of tools and services present on internet who claims to find out the details of a mobile phone number. But government made some guide lines on which they work on. In simple terms these services can only able to trace the circle and operator which a mobile phone number is working on.

So here’s the million dollar Question, How to find out any mobile user name and location by his mobile number.

There is a service named “True Caller” can able to trace the mobile user name and location by his mobile number. This service works well with almost any phones including Nokia, Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Acer, HTC, LG, Samsung, Motorola, Sony ericsson and windows phones.

Lets start

1) Go to with your mobile phone.

2) Download True caller application and Install it on your phone.

3) Open True caller application and enter mobile number to be trace in Name Or Number Field.

4) Leave address field empty and press search button. And you’re done.

Name and other details of mobile phone number will be on your screen.

Thumbs up:

1) Application is absolutely free.

2) We can trace mobile phone or landline numbers world wide.
3) True caller also provide a blacklist option. To prevent unwanted calls.

Thumbs down:

1) Needs a internet connection to work on.
2) Application copies your phonebook to their database.
3) True caller database is very big but doesn’t contain all mobile phone numbers.

How True Caller works

True caller simply copies phonebook to their database at the time when a user install that application on his phone. When you use this application your entire contact list will be copied to their database. And this database will be served for future searches.
True caller is working like a directory and this directory is tremendously increasing everyday.

How to Remove Any Number details From True Caller

you can easily remove any number from True Caller database by going through this link
They usually takes 1 hour to delete a number from their database.


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