Unfortunately one of the biggest threats to a business is inside security breaches. More often than not, these breaches occur through unintentional mismanagement, rather than being a planned attack. Whether it is a malicious deed or a simple human error, there is no denying that an internal breach can be extremely damaging. Because of this, it is imperative to take the necessary steps to prevent insider cyber security attacks from happening. Keeping that in mind, read on for some top tips.

Security concept: Lock on digital screen

Provide IT Security Training For Employees

It is vital to ensure that your employees are all aware of their responsibility when it comes to network security. Cyber security courses on topics such as Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), Certificate in Information Risk Management (PCIRM) and Certified Ethical Hacking CEH training are all highly valuable. You can learn how to implement policies and practises that all employees need to follow.

You should never simply assume that your employees are aware of basic security measures. For example, one of the biggest blunders is a password that is easy to guess. Your employee may think that no one is going to guess that the word ‘monkey’ is his or her password. Why would they?  But, ‘monkey’ actually features in the top 20 most commonly used passwords and thus despite it being a random word it is actually very guessable.

You need to explain the importance of using a random mix of lower case letters, upper case letters, special characters and numbers. Aside from this, ensure bad habits are erased, such as jotting down important information and placing it on a post-it note on the computer screen. Whilst it is convenient, anyone could see it!

Mitigate Trusted Business Partner Threats

When someone leaves their job to take on a new role elsewhere, they may take sensitive information with them. This is not only something that will affect you if one of your own employees leaves. But, you need to think about your trusted business partners. They may have access to your business’ sensitive information. This is an evident risk and one that you need to manage and control.

Establish A Safe Digital Vault

Aside from providing IT security training it is also vital to ensure you make a safe harbour for your highly sensitive data. This could be anything from intellectual property to administrator account passwords. By establishing a digital vault you will be able to minimise the threat of accidental employee misuse as well as the threat of hackers. But, what actually is a digital vault? Well, this is a dedicated server that provides you with a single data access channel. There are various layers of integrated security, such as full encryption, access control, VPN and firewall. This will be independent of your existing network infrastructure, which will reduce the chances of a security breach.

Watch Out For Suspect Behaviour

Make an effort to look out for any behaviour you would class as suspect. If someone catches your attention, keep him or her on your radar, monitor them closely and act quickly. It is worth devising a clear strategy and procedure to use if this was to occur.

All in all, if you use the four tips that have been presented as a starting pointing to preventing internal security threats, you will surely lessen the chances of one happening at your company.

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