How To Solve Common Laptop Problems

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There are few things more frustrating than experiencing a technical glitch with your gadgets. If you’re mid-way through an important project, the last thing you need is for your laptop to start malfunctioning.
However, if you’re experiencing issues with your laptop, it pays to keep in mind that many people tend to experience many of the same problems with their computers.

With this in mind here’s a look at some of the most common laptop problems people encounter and pc tricks on how to solve them.

How To Solve Frayed laptop chord Laptop Problem?

If you use your laptop when you’re on the go, the chances are you plug and unplug your charger chord several times a day. This heavy wear and tear can lead to fraying of the chord and potentially no access to a power source. While that might be frustrating, the bigger concern is that a damaged chord could also damage the system’s battery through intermittent charging, and potentially pose a fire hazard.

It’s important to get this problem solved quickly. You can buy a new laptop charger from most electrical goods stores. Alternatively, try rolling electrical or duct tape over the damage for a short term solution. For a more permanent repair try using a silicone sealant, which is available at hardware stores – this will insulate and protect it from damage.

How To Solve Stuck keys Laptop Problem?

It’s not uncommon for keys on your laptop keyboard to become a little sticky. But when an individual key becomes stuck and types a single letter repeatedly it can really limit your productivity. In some cases, most notably Mac Books, you can get individual replacement keys. More affordably you can buy a replacement keyboard for your system

How To Troubleshoot Laptop Operating Slowly Problem?

As laptops get older it’s only natural that they will start to operate a little more slowly, especially when processing data. The most common problem for a slowly operating computer is having too much data. Start by clearing your hard drive to clear some space and memory and then try running the defragmenting function.

How To Solve Over-Heating Problem In Laptop?

If your laptop is running very slowly, making strange or loud noises, or becoming excessively hot, it may be malfunctioning due to a cooling problem. Many laptops have internal cooling fans installed on the CPU or a fan installed over the graphics processing unit (GPU). If a laptop component fails, the ability of the computer to cool down may become impacted. Preventative maintenance is the best way to solve laptop problems. If you use your laptop for several hours in a row, consider getting a laptop cooling pad with fans, which can help prevent the laptop from overheating.

Sell or repair?

Some laptop problems can be solved with a DIY solution. Alternatively spare parts and manufacturer repairs are also an option. If you’re experiencing ongoing issues with a computer, it can be worthwhile considering when to continue repairing and when to sell. If you’re looking to sell your laptop for cash, getting your sale time right is crucial. Try to sell before the product becomes to out of fashion, in order to get a good sale price to devote towards a new model.

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