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Facebook implicitly doesn’t provides a way to remove last name on Facebook.  we should have to use our full name (i.e. first and last name) in order to create an account on Facebook  But there is a way by which we can remove last name from Facebook without any difficulties.

Many Facebook users from Indonesiado not have a last name, that’s why Facebook modified its naming system for Indonesian users. Means the last name is optional for peoples who are using Facebook from Indonesia. If we change our IP address to Indonesiaand language to Bahasa Indonesia then Facebook system will feel that we are online from Indonesia. With the help of this facebook trick we can easily remove the last name on Facebook.

How to hide last name on Facebook:

1) First of all, Install Firefox browser on your system. You can do the same with Google chrome, but we recommend Firefox for hassle free workout.

2) Once done, Login to your Facebook account.

3) In a new tab of Firefox browser, Go to this site, and select any Indonesian proxy whose up time is more than 70%.

3) Now open Firefox and navigate to Tools > Options > Advance > Network > Settings and mark on Manual proxy configuration.

4) After that Paste the IP address and port number of proxy that we have selected in the second step, In HTTP Proxy and port field.
firefox network settings

5) check mark on “use this proxy server for all protocols”.

6) Once done, Go to this site and verify that your IP is really changed to Indonesia or not.
check your ip
If selected proxy is not working properly, then try any other from the list that we shared in second step, and implement that proxy with Firefox and then again verify.

7) Now open the tab of Facebook account and navigate to account settings of your Facebook account, In account settings change language from English to Bahasa Indonesia.

8) After that, Edit your name and remove last name.remove last name from facebook

9) In last step, just change the Language to Bahasa  Indonesia to English.

Now see your Facebook profile and you will notice that you just removed your last name from Facebook.

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