Today, I’m going to talk to you about business ideas. In fact, I’m going to speak about one idea in particular. I find that opening a hotel is a brilliant startup idea. Hotels are a great way to make money, particularly if you live in an area with lots of tourism. If you want to open a hotel business, then have a read of this advice:

Think About What Type Of Hotel You Want To Open

When you look at hotels, you usually judge them based on their star rating. So, for your hotel, you have to think about what star rating you want to be. There’s nothing wrong with being a two or three-star hotel. People will still be interested in you. You’re just catering to a different market that if you were a four or five-star hotel.

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The difference in stars is down to quality. A five-star hotel will offer a lot more than a one-star hotel. Choosing your hotel type will come down to a few things. Firstly, your budget. Can you afford to open a five-star hotel? Most hotel startups are two-stars because they’re cheaper to run. And secondly,  who is your target market? If you’re targeting everyday people or tourists, you can afford to be a lower star.

Consider The Hotel Design

How do you want your hotel to be designed? It’s your business; you can design it however you want. Some people will open a themed hotel; others go more traditional. A big part of the design will be the building you’re using. It’s important you find a building that can be used as a hotel. Some people will buy a big house and then convert it into a hotel. Others will find some land in which they can build a new hotel. Find your building, and then focus on the design.

Get All The Items You Need

Obviously, setting up a new hotel requires lots of work. Especially when it comes to buying things. There are many items that you’ll need, for your hotel to run properly. Think about it, you’ll need furniture for every room in the hotel. That means finding and buying some single and double beds. Not forgetting that you need mattresses and bedsheets for all these beds.

In fact, you’ll need a fair few mattresses per bed, so you can change them while you wash the old ones. Then, think about stuff like towels. Every room will need some towels for each guest staying there. You can pick up some wholesale towels by Richard Haworth that are good for hotel use. Buying wholesale means you buy in bulk, so you’ll have enough! There are other things too, consider buying toiletries for every room as well. Some hotels decide to save money and ask guests to bring their own toiletries. It depends on what star hotel you have.

These three things are the starting essentials if you want to open a hotel as a business. It’s a good business idea and one that can make you lots of money. But, you’ll only have success if run it effectively. Now all you have to do is master the art of customer service, marketing strategies and managing staff!

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