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Everyone wants to increase internet speed because having a high speed internet speed connection is a vital component of our day to day life. There are certain internet tricks by which we can increase internet speed to a great level. Beside these internet tricksthere are certain high speed internet plans by which we can get high speed internet connection without

wasting much of money. You can check these plans and pricing from bt broadband prices. If you are one of them who want to speed up your internet connection without investing a single penny on it, then keep reading this article. Today we are sharing some internet tricks by which you can increase internet speed to a great extent.

So, here we go

How to Increase Internet Speed:

1) Clear cache and other browsing data: Clearing cache and cookies frequently can increase your surfing speed. I usually clear my browser cache once in a day to maintain an optimum speed internet connection.

You can clear browsing history in Chrome/ Firefox or Internet Explorer by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Delete.

2) Turn off Automatic Updating of Antivirus: Sometimes antivirus software also consumes a lot of bandwidth in installing updates every time we connect to internet. So, it’s recommended to update antivirus software once in month. There is no need to update antivirus software every time we connect to internet.

3) Remove all Unwanted Programs: If you closely look your system then you will notice there are so many softwares installed on your system that connects to internet in background. These softwares can be chatting softwares like Google talk, facebook messenger, yahoo messenger or any other software that looks normal in first look. It’s recommended to remove all unwanted programs that consumes your internet bandwidth in order to increase internet speed.

4) Tune up your browser: You can also perform some browser tricks to increase your internet speed. I remembered one of that kind of trick I published on tricksmode in past, If you are using mozilla firefox than you can use these tricks to speed up your mozilla firefox.

5) Change Bandwidth Limits on windows: This is one of the popular internet trick to increase internet speed. We can increase bandwidth limit on windows by applying this trick.

i) Go to Start, Then Run and Type gpedit.msc and press enter.

ii) In Local Computer Policy expend “Administrative templates”.

iii) Then Expand “Network” folder and then Click on “Qos packet scheduler”.

iv) Click on “Limit Reservable Bandwidth”.

v) After this you will see another widow of Limiting bandwidth, enable bandwidth configurations by checking mark on “enable”.

vi) Finally change Bandwidth % to 0%.

6) Use Internet Speed Booster Software’s: If you applied above mentioned internet tricks and wants to boost internet speed more than you can also use some third party free softwares to get a high speed stable internet connection. You can try internet cyclone, full speed, max internet optimizer etc to boost your internet connection.

If you have any other internet speed up trick in mind then kindly leave that in comment section below.


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