You have made a site. We’re not talking about what he focus, much more important than what you were satisfied with them. You are satisfied with everything: design, and how the information is located. It took a few months after launch. The site good traffic, but customers, for some reason, do not hurry to buy it, and your articles are not popular. What is the problem?

How to Improve Website Usability l
Improve Website Usability

Do not rush to do the wrong conclusions and think that your product / service is not interesting. Perhaps the problem lies in the fact that your site is not optimized in terms of usability.

The term usability (from the English. usability – literally, “the ability to use”) determines how a person is convenient to use the site. Of course, you need to think about it more in the design phase, but often even ready site can “revive” the following simple guidelines. So, where do you start ?


The recommendations, which we present below, will help to improve the usability of your site and make it more effective.Tips for you below, How to Improve Website Usability:

1. Make clear the site for users:

Once the user came to the site, he immediately has to understand where he was. What it is: an online store, blog, portfolio, online business card? Make clear the nature of the site for its visitors. If a shop is to emphasize the fact that you can buy something. If this blog is do focus on titles of publications, headings, and so on.

2. Use pictures and photos:

One successful picture is worth a thousand words. The perception of the human eye small picture takes 1.5-2 sec, while the reading of the text on the diagonal of the text depends on the volume, and is at least 10-15 seconds. Thus, using the “talking” pictures or images from the emotional coloring, you can improve the quality of user behavior on the site.

Feel free to use photos from photo banks, because they have been established for that. For example, if you make a big, beautiful picture on the main page of the site information, it will attract more users than a great, informative text block. Of course, it is not immediately determine which picture catches more. To do this, there are methods of A / B testing to help you choose the most effective option.

3. Place the important information where it will see:

Customers entering the site, examine the structure of the page to F – shaped pattern, with greater emphasis on the first line and then less and less. This truth is revealed, which has already become legendary . Understand the behavior of the audience your site, you need to pay attention to that part of the page that often catches the user’s eye in the first second visit. In this part of the page and you want to display the most important information that “catch” the user and will push for further study of the page.

4. Add the “air”:

If the site is “packed” text and pictures to the eyeballs, this greatly complicates its perception and slows download speed. Your site was comfortable to explore, leave a space between the blocks of information. The tinier not need better several large images and visual accents that will work, than a hundred unemployed.

5. Show benefit:

According to recent studies, the most effective in terms of conversion shall be deemed buttons and labels indicating the benefits. Conversion in some cases is increased by 1500%.

6. Use legible fonts:

The desire to embellish the site using design fonts, understandable and even commendable. But the font in the first place, should have a good read. So make sure that all visitors is clear – it says here “Contact”.

As the saying goes: “The devil is in the details.” Even the most wonderful site visitor might alienate some “stuff” to which the developer did not even pay attention. Answer for yourself the questions, following the recommendations is given, and you are sure to find the weaknesses (if any) and will be able to eliminate them.


Hi, This is Itender Rawat and I am Editor-in-Chief of I am 26 year tech lover, bike rider and thinker from Dehradun who writes about Technology, Mobiles, Android, Softwares and Internet


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