We constantly use WiFi networks on our Android smartphones. But, the WiFi networks are susceptible to hacking. Would you want to hack WiFi network? Your Android smartphone can be used to hack WiFi networks.

Please note that hacking a WiFi network is illegal. We would wish to inform you that the details contained in this article are meant to provide information alone. Using them for any illegal purposes will be a criminal offence.

How to Hack WiFi network using your smartphone?

We receive requests on how to hack Wifi network. Please note there is no foolproof way to hack a WiFi network. It could be easy to hack WiFi network that is vulnerable enough. But, there are no ways you can ensure Hacking a WiFi network for sure. These techniques may or may not work in your case.

hack Wifi network
hack Wifi network

Method 1 – WPA2 WPS Routers

The devices that work with this method include Nexus 7,Galaxy Ace/S1/S2/S3, Nexus One and Desire HD. The trick will not work if your device is not rooted.
Follow the steps here below

  • Your smartphone should be have Broadcomchipset for the trick to work. If you have, download and install bcmon.
  • Launch the app. You may need to install firmware and other tools if you are prompted.
  • Tap on the Enable Monitor Mode
  • Now to proceed to hack Wifi network download and install the app named Reaver. The Reaver is an app you can use to crack the WPS PIN.
  • Now launh Reaver. You may need to confirm that you are not using the app for any illegal purpose.
  • The app will scan the WiFi networks available and presents you the list of networks.
  • Tap on the network you would want to crack. The app bcmon may open now to to enable the monitor Mode.
  • Verify the settings and start the Cracking process.

Please note that the cracking process can take up to 10 hours to complete. The cracking may not always be successful.

Another Method to Hack WiFi network using Android Mobile

Method 2 – Hacking WEP routers

This method, yet again, expects your device to have broadcom chipset. Some of the devices that may support the method include Nexus 7, Galaxy S1/S2/S3/S4/S5, Galaxy Y, Nexus One, Desire HD and Micromax A67.
Follow the steps here below

  • Download and install bcmon as indicated in the above method.
  • Launch bcmon and enable Monitor Mode.
  • Tap on Run bcmon terminal. This will open the terminal view as you would see on most Linux systems.
  • Type in airodump-ng and tap on Enter. When the Airdump opens, type in airodump-ng wlan0 and type Enter.
  • You should see the list of ccess points available. Choose the access point that you would want to crack.
  • Note down the Mac address and the channel number that is displayed.
  • Scan the channel. Type in airodump-ng -c channel# –bssid MAC address -w output ath0 and Enter. The Channel# in this string needs to be replaced by the channel number and Mac Address with Mac address yoiu noted down in the previous step.
  • Leave the scanning to continue.
  • Once you get the sufficient number of packets, start cracking the password. Type in aircrack-ng output*.cap and Enter.

After the scan is completed, you should get the password in the hexadecimal format.

Winding up

Well, those were a couple of tricks that can be used to hack WiFi network. However, kindly note that we should not be held responsible for any misuse of the tricks mentioned in the article. The tricks indicated above are for your information alone. Please don’t not use it for any illegal purposes.


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