Now-a-days, the social media sites are coming much under the limelight because there are many reasons to use them. Many people use the social media websites for finding about their old friends while some like to have a private chat with their lover and some for just playing games. There are few other people in the crowd as well who want to get likes on Facebook on their pages, profile pictures, images, etc. I personally know many people who entreat in personal chat to like their statuses and pictures. But do you know that there are actually no hacking tricks to get many likes on Facebook? If even there is any, then it is only possible for programmers and hackers to use the same.

How to get many likes on Facebook

I am here today with you to share how to get many likes on Facebook easily. All the options mentioned below are safe and you need not to worry about the suspension of your account. These methods are categorized as Natural Way and Unnatural Way.

Natural Ways to get many likes on Facebook

Method of Tagging and Re-Tagging

If you want to receive natural likes, then the method of tagging and re-tagging is the best one. It is only possible after frequently changing your profile picture or uploading a new one. Presently, Facebook only allows max 50 tags for a single image which I think is quite enough to get many likes.


I specifically mean with recalling is to recall your pictures and statuses. Reply to each comment on your pictures and statuses which will notify your friends.

Unnatural Ways to get many likes on Facebook

Let take a look at few unnatural ways to get many likes on Facebook. I will help you give, you the method to get likes from the best websites which can fulfil your need. helps in getting around 1k visitors at once. You just need to create your account followed by buying or earning some credits. Click on the Page button followed by selecting the type of social credit. Fill all the details followed by save.


It works similar to addmefast but it gives much more traffic than the latter. Using this service is similar to using addmefast.

Buy Facebook Likes

There are numerous online portals offering huge discounts on purchasing Facebook likes.


It is something which automatically likes our statuses or pages or pictures. It is a kind of code which helps in exchanging likes.

Following these methods will surely help you in getting likes on Facebook quite easily and effectively. So, you can simply depend on these methods but remember while following the unnatural ways. This is all about how to get many likes on Facebook. If you have something more to share about the same, you can leave your comments below.

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