8 Tips on How to Free up space on iPod, iPad, iPhone

free up space on iphone
free up space on iPhone

Selecting memory when buying iPhone, iPad or iPod is always a difficult and important decision. If the material resources permit, take 64 or 128GB, and you for a long time not have to worry about whether there is enough memory for your favorite music, videos and applications. How tempting might sound 128GB, most running iOS devices volumes are 8, 16 and 32GB.
Nothing irritates as much as a pop-up message that is not enough memory. For some reason, whenever you make a good photo or download gathered awaited application space categorically not enough. How can escape in such situations? That’s what this article will tell.
1. Remove the application
The quickest and easiest way to free up memory – remove unneeded applications. Be ruthless, remove the games that have already passed, applications that do not use much. Press and hold the icon until it begins to vibrate. Then, press appeared in the left corner of the cross. That’s it – space!
2. Delete Posts
Messages can occupy more space than it might seem, especially if it is attached to a picture or video. A simple text message, “Hello! How are you? “Takes 5.0kb, and if such communications hundred? To delete a message, click in the upper left corner of the application “Change” next to each dialogue will stop sign, removing the unnecessary.
3. Copy photos
Good camera – one of the reasons for the popularity of gadgets Apple. And thanks to applications like Instagram, you risk score to memory failure only some photos. To avoid this situation, you copy the captured photos and videos to the computer, leaving only the most favorite gadget.
4. Remove movies and videos
Of all the content available to you, take up most of the video memory. All episode of the TV show takes 1GB!Start the video application, click “Change” and remove all video files that are already exactly what you do not need.
5. Use the cloud
Many people forget that the cloud allows you to download and synchronize content with all your iOS-devices. Go to your iTunes account and start the music application. Next to music available for download, the icon will be clouds, safely click on it!
6. Clean the cache Safari
In people, it is also called “clean does.” Cache – copies of the sites you have visited, for faster downloads. Go to “Settings”, select from the list Ā«SafariĀ», then “Clear History” and “Delete cookie and data.”
7. Download less mail
Are you sure you want to view mail from time to time? As a rule, most of the letters is spam, which can be viewed at home with your computer.
8. Stop unwanted podcast:
If you subscribe to a podcast, you will notice that the application downloads all podcasts, but does not remove them after they have heard. Do it manually. Go to podcasts, select settings, delete unwanted start-up and shut down.