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Facebook recently launched a new feature of SEEN by which a sender can check whether a message has been read by receiver or not. This SEEN feature is great because we can get instant notification of the message status, But on the other hand Facebook SEEN feature is somewhat annoying for the peoples who don’t want to disclose whether they are offline or online. More over the worst thing about SEEN

feature is that by default it is activated in all Facebook profiles and there is no implicit way to disable seen on Facebook. But don’t worry still we can disable SEEN feature on Facebook by using a browser add-on. Without wasting much of your time, here we go.

How To Disable SEEN on Facebook:

1) First of all, follow this link and download chat undetected.

2) Once done install it on your computer. After installation you will see that chat undetected add-on is integrated with your browser.

Now you don’t need to worry about the SEEN option on Facebook. Now on-wards peoples can’t get a SEEN notification whether you read message or not.
One thing to notice, this Facebook trick only work when you are logged-in using the same browser on which you have installed chat undetected add-on.

If you are logged-in using mobile phone or using any other system/browser where chat undetected is not installed than it won’t work.
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