How To Convert Flow Charts To Programs

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A Flow chart is a graphical representation of Algorithm,Programs or Process. Flow charts are helpful to understand the flow of programs or process. Or we can say that A flow chart is a systematic collection of steps and each step is represented by different symbol and contains a short description of that process. In order to solve a complex programming problem, Its a good programming practice to first create a
flow chart of that problem and then write code according to that flow chart.But the above procedure is somewhat time consuming. So today we are sharing a programming trick to automatically convert a flow charts to program or you can directly run your flow charts just like a normal program on your programming machine.

Things Required:

1) Raptor Software.
2) Windows Operating System.

What is Raptor?

Raptor is a freeware flow chart based programming environment which helps programmers to visualize their algorithms. With the help of Raptor You can create flow charts, Execute flow charts and even convert flow charts to C++,Java,C# and Ada programs. You can download Raptor from this download link.

How To Create Flow Charts Using Raptor?

Raptor provides easy drag and drop features to create flowcharts. if you know how to create flow charts on paper then its very easy to use this tool. it provides examples also which shows how to correctly fill flow chart’s shapes description.

Here is a Simple flow chart of addition of two number that we had created with Raptor.Automatically creates flow charts of programs

After creating flow chart on raptor, click “Play” button on menu bar to run your flow chart. Output will be visible in a master console.

How To Convert Flow charts to Programs?

Its very easy to convert a flow chart to programs or source code. if you want to convert your flow chart to program then after creating flowchart Click on “Generate” button that exists at menu bar, and then select any of the programming language of your choice from C++,Java,C# or Ada to Quickly get a source code of your flow chart.

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