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Android is a new generation of mobile phones which are changing the way of telecommunication. Android phones are mainly built for internet purpose; if we look them closely then we can easily notice that without internet connection most of the android functions won’t work efficiently. That’s why Almost 80% of android phone users are using internet on android phones. The main problem comes when you have a PC as well as android and need internet connection on both.
It’s a common problem that happens with most of the android users, most of them can’t afford two internet connection at a same time, that’s why satisfies only with one.

Today we are sharing an android trick by which you can connect internet on PC using your android phone; with the help of this android trick you don’t need different internet connections for your PC as well as your android phone which will surly reduces your monthly internet budget.

Most of the android user thinks that connecting internet on PC using android phone is a sophisticated task, but its not like that, we can easily connect internet on PC using android phone by just following some simple steps.

Things require: 

We need following things in order to connect internet on PC using android phone.

1) Working internet on android phone.
2) A device compatible USB cable.

So, finally How to connect internet on PC using android Phone:

1) First, Turn on data connection on your android phone.

2) Connect your android phone to PC using USB cable.

3) Now open Setting > Wireless & Network > Tethering on your android device, once done, you will see something like this.

usb tethering

4) After that check mark on USB tethering box.

5) Verify if your device is showing the blue USB icon on the notification bar.

6) If phone drivers are properly installed on your PC then, it will show that android phone is connected to “AndroidNet NDIS Adapter”.

After following the above steps you will see that your PC is connected to internet using android phone.

If you are facing any kind of problem during this, then most probably it is due to driver error, to solve driver error, Open the device manager, and the check the device list under network adapter, once you will get the name of the driver which is not working properly. You can easily download that driver from the manufacturer site of your android phone, once done, install it and then again follow the above steps.

This android trick will work for windows 7, 8, Linux but if you are using windows xp on your PC then you will need software to connect internet to PC using your android phone.

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