Movavi Screen Capture Studio is an impeccable video grabber that allows you to create your desired video clips while browsing the internet or while watching your favorite online videos. No matter whether you want to create a demo presentation to promote your website or you want to create your own video software tutorial, Movavi Screen Capture Studio has got you covered in all areas perfectly.

How to Grab Your Desired Videos Using Movavi Screen Capture Studio?

Here’s an easy and quick guide for you to learn how to capture your favorite videos by means of this immaculate video grabbing software:

  1. Set up the video grabbing software

Download Movavi Screen Capture Studio and install the same in your computer system by following the installation procedure carefully. Apparently, the software is compatible with diversified operating systems: Windows Vista, XP, 7, and 8; this lets you install the software seamlessly without any installation issues.

  1. Work with the ripping parameters

The program window displays with the Select Capture Area section, the System Audio option, the Microphone option, and the REC button. Click the Select Capture Area drop down arrow to open the drop down list consisting of different resolutions or preset sizes. Select your monitor’s name in the Fullscreen section to rip your video at the full screen mode. In addition, select between widescreen and standard formats, and set the size of the area being captured manually by adjusting the edges of the yellow frame.


Then, move on to the audio preferences. The software records sound from your output sound device by default. To use an input device like a microphone, select the Microphone option; once you have selected it, a green checkmark appears. Select the name of your device in the drop down list of the Microphone option.

  1. Record the video

Click the REC button to start capturing your video. Select the appropriate options located in the program’s control panel to manage the recording process. Alternatively, press the F9 key to pause and resume the process and press the F10 key to complete the process. Moreover, press the F8 key to capture a screenshot.


  1. Edit the recorded footage

Select the Edit option to launch the built-in video editor after you are done capturing your video footage. Next, apply special effects and filters, change audio tracks, add captions, and transform your video in numerous other ways. Experiment as much as you can by placing your video on the timeline.


  1. Save the video in your desired format

Save your video in any format of your choice to watch it on your personal computer, DVD, smartphone, media player, or tablet. Click the Save Movie button, located in the video editor, and then select the Save as Video File or Save for Mobile Device option. Select a desired preset for devices or formats in the Save as list and click the Save button to save the recorded video through the preview window.



Movavi Screen Capture Studio is the best tool to enable you to save any video you want easily, quickly, and smoothly. So, download it right now!

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