How To Be Safe On Facebook

Everyone knows that facebookis leading social networking
facebook security leaked

site with more than 1 million active users. As the facebookpopularity increased, facebookhacking too increased tremendously. According to a popular magazine more than 600,000 facebookaccounts get hacked daily. Today we are sharing some tips on how to be safe on facebook. Every facebookuser must have to follow these tips tostay safe on facebook.

So here are some tips to besafe on facebook:

1) Choose strong password: Choosing a strong password always keep facebookaccount safe from brute forcing or dictionary attacks. Brute forcing is a process of guessing password by trying manycombinations of words. It’s a slow process and become much slower if you use a password which has combinations of characters, numbers and special symbols.

 2) Keep eye on address bar: At the time of entering facebookcredentials, always keep an eye on address bar of browser. Many hackers use phishing pages which are exactly similar tooriginal facebooklogin page to grab the credentials of a facebookuser. Don’t provideyour password to any other domain rather

3) Choose different passwords: Always choose a different password for your primary email address and facebookaccount. This helps when you want to recover your account from hackers. If both the passwords will be same than a hacker can easily change both passwords after gaining access to one of them. If your primary email address password is different, thana hacker can’t able to change it and you can easily get back your hacked facebookaccount by clicking on forget my password link.

4) Hide mail address from Profile: Hiding email address from facebookaccount guarantees that no one can see your realemail address which you are using for signing in. and a hacker can’t able to send you phishing links and malicious software togain your facebookpassword.

5) Enable secure browsing: By enabling secure browsing, any facebookuser can besafe from man in middle attacks. MIM attacks are usedby hackers to interpret information between user browser and facebookservers. By using secure browsing the data from browser to server is sentas encrypted message that can’t beread by hackers. To enable secure browsing, Go to account settings > Security tab > Enable Secure Browsing. Once secure browsing is activated, protocol in your address bar will changed to https:// instead of traditional http://

6) Choose an unpredictable security Question’s Answer:
Security Questions plays an important role in any accounts security, It’s alwaysimportant to choose an unpredictable answer of security question, many hackers use social engineering or dorkingto get an answer of security question. Let’s say you choose a security question “What is your father’s middle name?” on facebook. Then a hacker can easily get answer of this question from you. The task becomes much easier if hacker knows you personally.

7) Don’t add unknown peoplesin friend list: facebookhaving a 3 friend’s security vulnerability. A smart hacker can easily get access to your facebookaccount, if he adds 3 fake profiles to your facebookfriend list. So its safe to keep some distance from unknown peopleson facebook.

8) Enable login notifications: Facebook provides a great facility by which you can get smsnotifications when your facebookaccount is accessed. To enable login notifications, Go to account settings > Security tab > Enable login notifications by Marking Text message/Push notification box. After you enable login notifications, you will get SMS each time when your facebookaccount opens by you or any other person. If you didn’t accessyour facebookaccount and got a login notification smson your mobile than its recommended to quickly access to your facebook account and change your password.

9) Don’t download anything from untrusting sources:
Many free softwares comes bundled with a lot of viruses, key loggersand Trojans. These kinds of malicious softwares can harm your computer as well as can transfer data including passwords and other important details from your computer to hacker’s machine. It’s recommended thatyou don’t download things from torrents, forums and any other untrustingwebsites.

10) Keep antivirus updated: In order to besafe on facebookalways use license version updated antivirus. A patched antivirus can’t beeffective in fight against hackers.

11) Change password frequently:if a white hat or ethical hacker will hack your account then I am sure that he will not change your password. He only uses it to spy on you. If you change your password frequently then you can get back your facebookaccount from these kinds of hackers.

12) Keep firewall on: keeping firewall on is important to be safe from port scanning and Trojans attacks. If your firewall is off then hacking your computer will be just a piece of cake for a hacker.

13) Don’t providefacebookPassword to other sites: Many peopleshave a habit to providesame password at the timeof sign up on other sites which they used for facebook. If you do so, then it’s very easy for webmasters to get accessto your facebookaccount.

If you have any other facebook security tips in mind share with us in comments, we will add them in list.


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