Do you know about the widely discussed topic among internet marketers, pro and newbie bloggers? No? It is the BACKLINKS. But why it has been the matter of discussion? It is because they are having an esteemed influence on the SEO as well as the blog ranking, which significantly helps in increasing the pace of the blogging career or you can say pace of online marketing. If you are a blogger, then you are surely aware about the Backlinks because they help in optimizing the websites or blogs in all the search engines. In simple words, backlinks are hyperlinks which directs a person to your blog. Do you have any idea about how to analyse and check backlinks of your blog? Before moving forward, let me tell you in brief about the importance of backlinks.

How to Analyse and Check Backlinks of your Blog

Backlinks Importance

Backlinks are classified into two categories, i.e. Dofollow and Nofollow. More backlinks you have, more visibility of your blog on search engines and increase in ranking. Let me tell you the fact that the major algorithms, search engines have been taking away a large amount of inbound links which actually ranks your website. But these days, due to high risk of spamming ways for building backlinks, search engines are cleverly checking the backlink sources. In significantly means that now you need to be careful while building backlinks, quality backlinks from established webistes.

Thus, if you want your blog to be a success, then you need to analyse backlinks quality. It is really important to keep a track of all the backlinks of your blog. By removing all the faulty backlins will enhance the process of link-building. Here I am sharing the best websites which will help you how to analyse and check backlinks of your blog. Moreover, these websites hold some really useful features which can help in reinventing the way of building the backlink process.

How to analyse and check backlinks of your blog

Google Webmaster Tools

It is the SEO king in the market offered by Google Inc. It is one of the best tools to analyse backlinks to your blog easily because it gives a glance all through the technical SEO side of the blog.

Open Site Explorer

It is a free tool to check backlinks of your blog offered by Moz. It is a reliable and a multipurpose tool among all which provides information including the PA (page authority), DA (domain authority) including the backlinks.

Majestic SEO

It is a premium tool which helps in analysing backlinks of your blog and is available for free. It gives an overview of the whole site after entering the main domain. It does allow the users to access all the features including top backlink sources, domain graph and much more.

Ahrefs Site Explorer

It is one of the best websites for your blog to analyse backlinks because it helps in checking the quantity as well as the quality of the backlinks. It easily fetches each and every detail about the backlinks.

This is all about how to anlayse and check backlinks of your blog easily and effectively.

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